DIY Candy Gift Bags With Free Printable Tags

DIY gift bag ideas | Goodie bag ideas | how to make small gift bagsI must say I had quite some fun creating these DIY candy gift bags.

ESPECIALLY because I just bought a new camera lens and its always fun to tinker around with and learn something new. Though I must admit you do need patience for it, but once you get something down, the payoffs can be endless.

Today I thought I’d make some DIY treat bags that aren’t specific to any holiday or event, so they are multipurpose in a way, meaning you can use them for almost any occasion that might need a goody bag with a sweet sentiment to it.

I’ve also made sure to include the printable tags in a link below. All you have to do is scroll down and download them instantly.

The great thing about these goody bags is they’re affordable AND super duper easy to make. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll get props from your friends!

To create this DIY gift bag idea you’ll need:

DIY Gift Bag Materials

diy gift bag ideas | Goodie bag ideas | how to make small gift bags materials you'll need

DIY Goodie Bag Idea With Printable Tags

There are tons of small gift bag ideas out there and lots of them you can easily make with things you already have at home, just like this project.

I must say if you like creating lots of DIY ideas then a hole puncher is a MUST. If you create your own printable planner for example, then having a hole puncher is a no brainer. I like using a hand held hole puncher, though there are several different types you can buy to fit what you use it for the most.

Now, for the bow, I had no idea the string I got was called jute twine, but apparently that’s the name, ha!

Luckily you can find it for cheap at your nearest dollar store (or 99 cent store) in their DIY arts and crafts section. But you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

You can add your own twist and use yarn, ribbon, or whatever else you can come up with.

The sandwich bags are pretty straight forward. If you don’t already have them in your kitchen you can get a cheap box of them at the dollar store too.

You can find the hearts I cut out and used to photograph the goody bags in my heart templates blog post where I list a TON of heart templates you can also download and use for free. 🙂

The types of candy you out in your goody bags? Now that’s where you can get really creative. I decided to mix a few, like Skittles, Butterscotch candies, and starbursts. It came out as a pretty good (and tasty) mix.

But you don’t have to stick to that if you don’t want to. For instance, if you’re hosting a themed party you can always color combine your candy and make them all pink, or all blue, or even all green. Or you can make them Halloween themed.

It’s totally your call.

DIY gift bag ideas | Goodie bag ideas | how to make small gift bags

Other candy that makes for great small goodie bag fillers are:

Peanut M & Ms (double check that no one’s allergic)

Pink Jelly Beans

Mike And Ikes

Gummy Bears

Snickers Chocolate Bites

Frosted Animal Cookies

How To Put Your DIY Goodie Bag Together

DIY gift bag ideas | Goodie bag ideas | how to make small gift bags


You’ll want to cut the tops off all the sandwich bags you’ll be using. You can cut right along the top of the bag right where it meets the zip.

Then you’ll want to fill it with a mix of your favorite candy to about a little less than halfway up the bag (that way you have enough space to add the tie and secure the bag.

Last you’ll want to cut your jute twine or your choice of string to about 12 inches.

This gives you the length you need to tie a neat bow securely and with enough twine leftover for untying.

Then you’ll want to print out the tags (the link is below) and you’ll want to cut out as many as you’ll need, hole punch them, thread each through with your tying string and create your bow!


More DIY Goodie Bag Ideas

I went on a bit of a goodie bag bender and created a few more you can check out below!

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There are tons of ways to get creative, so don’t be afraid to pick up a pair of scissors and twine and create your own DIY ideas!

It can be sooo gratifying once you get the final product. How’s that for a short and sweet DIY gift bag idea?


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