DIY Valentine’s Gift Idea With Free Printable Tags

Valentine's goodie bags with free printable tagsValentine’s day only happens once a year.

So why not make a little something special for the people you care about?

You don’t have to spend tons of money to come up with something creative. I created these DIY Valentine’s Day goodie bags and only spent a few dollars to making them.

You can make them for your kid’s classroom, your co-workers, your kid’s teachers, or your family and friends as a small token of appreciation this Valentine’s Day.

These days, anything to spread a little more love can’t hurt!

To create these Valentine’s goodie bags you’ll need:

DIY Valentine’s Goodie Bag Materials

Valentine's goodie bags with free printable tags

The gift bag materials you’ll need for this DIY project are pretty straight forward.

The sandwich bags are for storing your preferred candy and your jute twine is for tying all together (along with the tags) which you can download instantly with the link below.

I always say it’s always good to have a hole puncher handy especially if you like to create things with your hands a lot. You’ll definitely need it for these DIY Valentine’s tags.

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I really love how the tags came out. I wanted them to be as cheesy and colorful as possible just so they stood out along with the bow when given out as little treats.

Also, the heart cutouts I’ve created myself. You can download them on the heart templates post I created just for that!

Hopefully you liked the tags too. Remember, you can download them for free below and print out as many copies as you’ll need.

Different Types Of Valentines Candy You Can Use

There are a ton of different Valentine’s candies you can use to make your bags look prettier. Here are a few I came up with you can buy in bulk and get your bags done in one go:

Valentines Jelly Beans

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles

All Pink Starbursts

Sweet Salt Water Taffy

Valentine's goodie bags with free printable tags

How To Put Your Valentine’s Goodie Bags Together

Besides the materials you need this process is pretty straightforward too!

All you have to do is cut off the ugly top parts of your sandwich bags so you’re left with only the bag and not the zipper top.

Then cut a 12 inch piece of twine and string it through the printable Valentine’s tags.

When you fill your bags with candy, make sure you fill them up til a little below halfway so that way you can tie them comfortably.

And Voila!

You’ve got yourself a ton of Valentine’s Day goodie bags to give out.



Valentine's goodie bags with free printable tags

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