Unicorn Marshmallow Pops

unicorn marshmallow pops for a unicorn birthday party ideaHaving a unicorn birthday party?

These unicorn marshmallow pops are a great affordable treat you can put together in almost no time!

I got the idea while I was working on a unicorn party favors post and thought it would go great with them.

I can’t stress enough just how easy it is to make these marshmallow treats (they also don’t cause a mess which is always good!).

Here, I walk you through how to put these marshmallow treats together successfully. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention I’ve included a free printable page of the unicorn toppers so you can just print them out, cut them, and you’ll be ready to roll!

Unicorn marshmallows supplies

For this unicorn birthday party idea you’ll need:

A big bag or two of jumbo marshmallows, depending on how many people you’re expecting

Pink yarn (cut into 10 inch pieces for the bow)

A pack of bamboo skewers

Some tape

How to make your unicorn marshmallow pops

Once you’re gathered all your supplies, making your unicorns is pretty straight forward. You’ll want to take each skewer and put it through the middle of each marshmallow.

Once you do that with all your marshmallows, take a small piece of tape and tape your marshmallow topper to the top of the skewer.

Once you’ve taped your marshmallow toppers on, then go ahead and add the bow between the topper and the marshmallow.

And you’re all done!

unicorn marshmallow pops for a unicorn birthday party idea

This is what each of them will look like once you’re all done.

Easy to make and you can put them together pretty quickly. Great if you’re pinched for time (or funds).

Also, one quick way to create a nice place to put them is to take one of your taller glasses (or even a tall mason jar) and use some washi tape to decorate it with a few different unicorn theme colors like soft pink, yellow, and sky blue.

You can see how it turned out for me below.

unicorn marshmallow pops for a unicorn birthday party idea

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unicorn marshmallow pops for a unicorn birthday party idea

Free printable unicorn marshmallow pop toppers

This DIY unicorn marshmallow idea couldn’t be complete if I didn’t give you a free printable template with the unicorn toppers you see in the picture!

Once you print out as many as you need, you’ll simply cut them out and tape them to the top of your bamboo skewers right above each marshmallow.


unicorn marshmallow pops for a unicorn birthday party idea

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unicorn marshmallow pops for a unicorn birthday party idea

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