9 Genius Washi Tape Ideas You Can DIY At Home In 5 Minutes

washi tape ideas kitchen utensilsWashi tape is so versatile you can do almost anything with it!

Decoration wise, washi tape can be life savers because they don’t make a mess at all. You can make these washi tape ideas in less than 15 minutes with a small pack of washi tape.

I ordered this specific 40 Roll Washi Tape Pack off Amazon MONTHS ago and use them every now and again. I’m honestly surprised they’ve lasted me as long as they have because they’re on the smaller side, though super affordable.

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I love that washi tape isn’t too sticky to where it leaves yucky residue and makes a mess.

Once you decide you don’t want it around anymore, all you have to do is easily peel it off.

Here are a few ideas I took one afternoon to create (some inspired by washi tape ideas on Pinterest!)

Washi Tape Planter

DIY Washi Tape Planter

Get the full tutorial here!

Washi tape vase (perfect for a Valentine’s gift!)

washi tape ideas with flowers and a decorated vase

I LOVED how this vase idea came out. It honestly turned out better than I thought it would.  It’s simple yet all the colors go together perfectly.

You can recreate this at home too and match your washi tape colors to the colors in your flower bouquet.

For example, if your bouquet has more blue hues, you can match a lavender purple, with one or two different shades of blue and even throw in a light pink for an extra pop of color.

washi tape ideas with flowers and a decorated vase

When you wrap your washi tape around your vase, make sure you wrap it around twice (if this is the type of washi tape you’re using) that way the washi tape color is more vibrant!

washi tape ideas with flowers and a decorated vase

One thing I can’t get over are the colors in the roses. They go SO well together and they look like a Valentine’s Day bouquet (though I didn’t really mean to theme it that way).

So this can also double as a DIY Valentine’s Day idea too!

Washi tape pens

washi tape ideas pens

I own a lot of sharpie pens. Mostly for doodling in bullet journals or practicing calligraphy (I’m still terrible at it at the moment).

This particular Sharpie is soft tipped one that’s used for calligraphy and in the mix of a ton of Sharpie pens it always gets lots in the mix.

So one day I got fed up and decided to mark it CLEARLY with a bunch of washi tape and voila!

I haven’t struggled to find my pen since and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Pretty practical (and cute!) if you ask me.

Washi tape terra cotta planters

diy washi tape terra cotta planters

Find the tutorial here

Washi tape gift paperwashi tape ideas for gift paper diy

One of our friends is moving away to another state and I decided to gift him a small ketch pad.

I wanted a creative way to wrap it and thought I’d try my hand at creating my own unique gift wrapping paper and I ended up with this!

Pretty cool huh?
washi tape ideas for gift paper diy

Then I decided to take it further and create a bow out of washi tape with a few strands of the same color I used to decorate the paper.

To decorate the paper all I did was take (about) inch long pieces and criss cross them together.

But for the bow I aligned two pieces of washi tape and stuck them together. Each piece is about 12 inches long more or less.

washi tape ideas for gift paper diy

Then I folded each washi tape piece in half and pinched them in the middle and taped them.

I did this for each piece separately, stacked them together, and then used a glue stick to glue each piece on top of the other.

If you do this you’ll end up with a little something like this!

You can also just take the easy route and take some twine and use that to tie the bow. It’s totally your call. There is always more than one way to create something and still have it look gorgeous.

washi tape ideas for gift paper diy

Decorated washi tape flower pot

washi tape flower pot

This decorated washi tape planter was a pretty easy idea and one worth making if you think your indoor plant pots are too bland (like mine was).

All you have to do is take a few long pieces of your favorite washi tape colors and criss cross them to your liking on the pot.

washi tape flower pot idea

Once you get the hang of it and get a few pieces on, you’ll end up with something like this.

washi tape flower pot idea

You can recreate this on porcelain flower pots, on lamp covers, on mason jar planters. You name it, chances are you can come up with a washi tape idea for it!

The washi tape ideas are endless

These washi tape crafts for adults are pretty straightforward and they actually look good.

I think in the end my favorite little project was the washi tape vase idea just because of how simple yet elegant it looked with the beautiful roses!

Are there any you tried worth sharing in the comments below?

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