The Best Adult Coloring Books For Under $10 You Can Get On Amazon

So you’re on the hunt for the best adult coloring books you can get?

Then look no more. Because I have just the guide for you.

It goes without saying that there are LOTS of coloring books out there that fall into the advanced coloring book and adult coloring pages category.


Because they’re challenging in the best way!

They provide a coloring challenge for you that can actually end up being relaxing once you gather your favorite coloring pencils and markers and go to town on your favorite coloring pages.

Because nobody likes boring coloring pages that only have three shapes in them and no personality.

You can leave those for the five year olds. It’s time to get you some awesome coloring books you’ll be using for months that have a different coloring page for each of your moods.

In this coloring books list there is everything from floral coloring books, to intricate coloring books, and even mandala coloring books that are fun and stress-relieving to color (not to mention they also make amazing gift ideas!)

So what exactly are the best coloring books for adults out there? Let’s look at each one so you can pick out a favorite.

If you’re more of a patterns person then this coloring book is for you.

It’s a paperback copy that you can get to help you get through stress and anxiety when you need it the most.

Coloring books with shapes and patterns that go well together have a sort of soothing sense to them. And this coloring book does exactly that. Check it out on Amazon!

This good vibes coloring book has pretty shapes and patterns in more than 30 variations.

It’s a beginner friendly version.

So if too much intricacy overwhelms you, you should definitely try this coloring book out for starters. Not to mention, the cover is absolutely gorgeous.

If coloring therapy is your thing then consider this spiral bound coloring book.

It brings more than 40 coloring sheets that come perforated so you can rip out your favorite pages cleanly and re-purpose them into your favorite crafts.

The gorgeous flower patterns that differ from page to page are worth checking out!

Go on an ocean adventure with this coloring book and all the illustrated glory it brings in it.

It’s a bit on the higher end of the spectrum price wide but if you enjoy great illustration then the price point might be well worth it.

Some of the pages also fold out! So it’s a coloring book that would go well with a collection of your best books without question.

Sometimes certain shapes, patterns, and illustrations flow well together, and with this book, its no different.

If you’re aiming for serenity then swipe this 31 page coloring book for some coloring time and self-care fun.

Because, lets face it, it doesn’t get much better than blooms and butterflies!

Some of the most gorgeous coloring pages out there are mandala patterns. They’re just too mesmerizing to look away.

Especially after you’ve spent some time relaxing and coloring them in.

This beautiful introductory mandala book is filled with more than 100 pages of beauty that you can fill in with your favorite shades and hues. And best of all its under $10 bucks!

If you’re looking for a more advanced mandala coloring book this one is worth a try, with 40 originally drawn pages you can fill with color to your heart’s content.

It also comes with spiral binding and perforated pages, which is super convenient.

If you like the naughty words coloring books they definitely exist. And there a few to choose from.

This one stands out as a pretty great copy of swear words coloring pages for adults that you can try out for yourself. Not to mention they also make great gift ideas for someone in your life who shares the same tastes.

It seems like the name of this coloring book says it all.

I mean what more could you ask for than zen adult coloring pages (more than 30 of them) to help you get through the month?

And if you particularly like flowers and greenery, then this is your go-to book.

When they say there’s something for everyone out there they really mean it.

And if your totally a flower person this coloring book can be your saving grace when life is getting stressful.

We’re on a roll when it comes to floral coloring books for adults. This is yet another page turner that won’t let you put your colored pencils down once you get started.

The pages and illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and not too intricate so as to overwhelm you.

If you like anything and everything spring then this adult coloring book can deliver.

It’s filled with flowers, birdhouses and hummingbirds that you can’t help but want to fill with lots of color and patterns.

Get it now on Amazon for just about what you’d pay for a cup of coffee!

] If you’re an inspiration junkie look no further than this inspirational quote book with tons of flowery illustrations.

Sometimes we don’t just want to color in pages, we want to read stuff that inspires us. If thats how you de-stress best, then this coloring book is worth using.

Get some oodles of doodles and start coloring them in. The pages are filled with clusters of illustrations of all sorts.

So as you turn the pages you never know what you’re gonna get.

And thats the beauty of this book! Get it on Amazon for less than one take out meal.

Hopefully you got some ideas off this coloring books for adults list that helped you navigate the world of coloring books out there.

There is something for every coloring fanatic out there, whether its beginner coloring books, Mandala coloring books, or simply coloring books that are pretty to look at and color.

I’m personally a fan of the flower coloring books because they can look so pretty once you figure out what color scheme you want to use on each page (or make it a free for all and use whichever colors you feel like, which is the beauty of coloring books!)

I’m personally working on my own collection of free coloring pages that I have up on the site. As time goes on I’m hoping to make more and more and have a slew of different coloring pages that I can give out to my readers for FREE!

And who knows, maybe one day I’ll publish a coloring book of my own to share with you!

Did you like this coloring book list? Which one was your favorite? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what you think.

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