Bullet Journal For March Guide (March Your Way To Your Goals)

Being organized can be tough, am I right? 

I mean, who has time to keep track of everything in their head?

Not me! 

(Or at least before I eventually started bullet journaling.)

That’s why I was super excited when I discovered bullet journaling.

It’s a customizable system that makes organization easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

If you’re like me and could use a little help in the organization department, then buckle up buttercup because we’re about to get into organizing with a bullet journal and some helpful tips for the month of March.

This is your chance to add some pizzazz and structure to your life while keeping it fun.

As we head on to the article, we will talk about ideas that you can add to your bullet journal for the month of March.

I will guide you through creating a bullet journal for the month of March,

So grab your bullet journal supplies, and let’s get started!

Amazing Advice on How to Begin your bullet journal for March

First things first, let’s talk about the monthly log. Think of it as your roadmap for the month ahead. 

It’s like having a personal assistant at your fingertips (minus the hefty salary). 

Here are some ideas you can add to your bullet journal for March:

Include a beautiful Cover Page

"Spring Vubes" written on a paper

Let’s kick off your March bullet journal with a bang! We’re starting with a cover page that’s all about setting the tone for the month. 

Whether you’re a minimalist or love to go all-out with your artistic skills, there’s no right or wrong way to design your cover page.

I like to use this page as an opportunity to get creative and showcase my personal style. 

I’ll often include colorful pages for some quotes that inspire me or an image that captures the essence of the month.

It’s all about making it uniquely yours and giving yourself a boost of motivation for the days ahead.

So go ahead and grab your favorite pens and let your creativity run wild! 

This cover page is just the beginning of your journey to a more organized and fulfilling life with bullet journaling. 

(And who knows, you might just discover your inner Picasso in the process!)

Add some Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar pages inside a bullet journal

Let’s get those dates down on paper. The monthly calendar is the perfect place to jot down all your important dates, appointments, and deadlines for March. 

You can get as creative as you want with your calendar, with different colors and designs to make it pop.

try to add some handwritten fonts or decorative images. 

And remember, the more organized you are, the less likely you are to forget about that dentist appointment or virtual happy hour with your friends. 

So let’s make sure we’ve got all our important dates covered!

Dream Big for the Month of March in your bullet journal

"dream big" written on wooden cubes

This is the perfect section to let your imagination run wild and dream big for the month of March. 

Personally, I like to set a mix of personal and professional goals so that I can feel accomplished in all aspects of my life. But hey, you do you!

try to add some new routines that you discover for exercise on a bullet journal.

Now, when setting your goals, it’s important to make them specific and measurable. 

Don’t just write down “become a millionaire” (although that would be nice). 

Instead, break it down into smaller, achievable goals like “save $500 this month.” That way, you can track your progress and celebrate your wins along the way!

March Themes that you can add to spice up your bullet journal

In addition to your monthly spreads, you can also include any special events or holidays that may be happening during the month of March. 

This will help you stay organized and ensure that you don’t forget any important dates.

Here are some events in the month of March that you can add to your bullet journal:

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while using your bullet journal

Who doesn’t love a good holiday celebration? 

Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a fun excuse to wear green and indulge in some festive treats. 

In my bullet journal, I always make sure to mark down the date and plan out some fun activities. 

Maybe I’ll try making a green smoothie or baking some shamrock-shaped cookies. Or, if I’m feeling crafty, 

I could make some gorgeous farmhouse decorations for my home. Whatever I choose to do, I know it will be a fun addition to my month.

To help you get started, here are some ideas you can include in your St. Patrick’s Day page:

  • Create a list of traditional Irish foods to try (corned beef and cabbage, anyone?)
  • Compile a playlist of Irish music to listen to throughout the day
  • Write down some fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day and its history
  • Draw or print out some cute St. Patrick’s Day-themed stickers to use throughout your journal

Get creative and have fun with it!

After all, who doesn’t love a little luck from the Irish in your life.

Get Hype with some March Madness pages on your bullet journal

"March madness" shown on the big screen in an arena

Are you ready for some basketball madness? 

March is the perfect time to get your game on and join the excitement of the NCAA college basketball tournament, also known as March Madness. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just enjoy watching the games with friends, March Madness is a fun way to get in on the action. 

Here are some ways you can use your bullet journal to keep up with the games:

  • Mark the dates of the tournament in your calendar so you don’t miss a game.
  • Create a bracket and fill it out as the tournament progresses. Who will make it to the Final Four and win the championship? You can make your predictions and see how close you get.
  • Track your favorite teams and players throughout the tournament. Who will be the MVP?
  • Use your bullet journal to jot down game highlights and stats, or even create a page for basketball-related doodles and drawings.

Get ready to cheer on your team and join the madness while being productive with your bullet journal!

Enjoy the Spring Equinox 

beautiful kinds of plant under the sun

The Spring Equinox, which occurs on March 20th, is the perfect time to do embrace the weather and enjoy the longer days of spring! 

Use your bullet journal to mark the occasion and set some new goals for the season ahead. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a page dedicated to spring cleaning tasks that need to be tackled. No more excuses to leave that closet messy!
  • Draw a picture of a spring garden, including flowers, vegetables, and other plants you want to grow this year.
  • Make a list of outdoor activities you want to try this spring, such as hiking, biking, or visiting a local farmer’s market.
  • Take a moment to reflect on your personal growth and accomplishments over the past few months, and jot down any goals you have for the next few months.

    it will help your mental health and promote self-care by using your bullet journal

With the sun shining and the world in bloom, the Spring Equinox is the perfect time to refresh and renew your goals.

Use your bullet journal to make the most of this seasonal shift!

Incorporate some Daylight Saving Time Pages

A clock in the middles of some leaves

Time to spring forward into Daylight Saving Time. 

And let’s be honest, we could all use a little more daylight in our lives, am I right?

So, set those clocks forward and get ready to soak up some extra sunshine.

 And speaking of clocks, don’t forget to update all the other ones in your life, like your watch, car, and oven. 

(Because let’s face it, no one wants to be an hour early for their dinner plans.)

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But do I really need to adjust my clocks? 

Can’t I just trust that they’ll do it automatically?” 

(I mean, we do live in the age of technology, right?) 

Well, unfortunately, not all devices are created equal, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Plus, think of it as a chance to flex your clock-changing skills.

So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and don’t forget to update the pages of your bullet journal with this idea to make sure you don’t miss any important appointments or events. 

Believe me, you don’t want to be that person who shows up an hour late to the party. 

(I’m speaking from my personal experience.)

And hey, if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not use the extra daylight to try something new? 

Maybe take a walk outside or start a new hobby. The possibilities are endless!

So, here’s to longer days, more sunshine, and a little extra time to enjoy it all.

If you’re someone who loves to stay on top of things and enjoys being organized, then a bullet journal is your perfect match! 

And, with special events and holidays coming up, there’s no better time to start using one. 

Personally, I love creating a separate page in my bullet journal for each special event. 

Not only does it keep my ideas and plans organized, but it also gives me a chance to get creative and add some pizzazz to my pages. 

(Who says organizing has to be boring, am I right?)

By using a bullet journal, you can reduce those overwhelming feelings and stay on top of your schedule. 

Plus, it’s a great way to reflect on your progress and accomplishments.

So, grab your favorite bullet journal supplies and start bullet journaling! Whether you’re a guy or a gal, this tool is perfect for everyone. 

And who knows, maybe you’ll discover some hidden artistic talent along the way. 

(I mean, if I can do it, anyone can.)

Here’s to staying organized, reducing stress, and enjoying all the benefits of a bullet journal!

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How many months fit in a bullet journal?

The number of months that fit in a bullet journal depends on how you set it up. 

Some bullet journals are designed to last for six months, while others can cover an entire year. 

Ultimately, it depends on how you plan on using your bullet journal and how much content you want to include.

How do you write the date in a bullet journal?

When it comes to writing the date in a bullet journal, there are no strict rules. 

However, most people prefer to use a simple and consistent format to keep their pages organized. 

One common way to write the date is to use the day of the week, followed by the month and day. For example, “Monday, April 11th” or “Sun, 4/11.”

Can you start a bullet journal mid-month?

Absolutely! There are no rules that dictate when you can start a bullet journal. You can start at the beginning of the month, mid-month, or even mid-year. 

The important thing is to get started and find a system that works for you.

Am I too old to bullet journal?

No way! Bullet journaling is for everyone, regardless of age. It’s a fantastic tool for keeping yourself organized, focused, and inspired. 

Plus, it’s a great way to express your creativity and add a little fun to your daily routine. So, whether you’re in your 20s or your 80s, you’re never too old to start a bullet journal.

How do you start an aesthetic bullet journal?

If you’re looking to start an aesthetic bullet journal, there are a few things you can do to get started. 

First, choose a theme or color scheme that speaks to you. This will help guide your design choices throughout the journal. 

Next, invest in some quality pens, markers, and other decorative elements to bring your pages to life. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your designs. 

Remember, your bullet journal is a reflection of your personality and style, so make it uniquely yours!

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