15 Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Super Charge Your Day

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Who doesn’t love healthy smoothie recipes? The consistency and flavor of a well-made smoothie that can fill up your tummy and get you up and vibrant, ready for your morning, is downright priceless. My favorite part is that they can easily become a complete meal in one easy to drink beverage that you can take …

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What is Yerba Mate? Why It’s The Drink That Perfectly Replaces Your Coffee Addiction

what is yerba mate, yerba mate tea bags, how to make yerba mate

What is Yerba mate? That’s the first question that went through my head when I first heard about this energy enhancing ‘drink of the gods.’ I first discovered Yerba mate through a Tim Ferris blog post. I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t care enough to pay it any attention until I started …

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