Slow Cooker Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham Recipe (Effortless Elegance)

Oh, let me tell you about the sheer deliciousness that awaits with my pineapple brown sugar ham! 

Picture this: the sweet aroma of pineapple and the rich allure of brown sugar coming together to create a glaze that’ll make you grin from ear to ear.

(Mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!)

This slow-cooker pork masterpiece is also a winner for all taste buds.

Who wouldn’t want to come home to the tantalizing smell of ham and pineapple, knowing that dinner practically made itself?

It’s like having your personal chef. (except it’s your trusty slow cooker doing all the magic!)

And worry not, my dear friends, this easy recipe is a breeze to follow.

Whether it’s a weeknight dinner for your busy family or a holiday gathering for the whole gang, the slow cooker is here to save the day.

Letting you enjoy a scrumptious meal without breaking a sweat.

No constant monitoring is required – just set it, forget it, and get ready for some lip-smacking goodness!

In this article, I will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a delectable slow cooker pineapple brown sugar ham.

You’ll explore tips for selecting the perfect ham, and how to prepare the mouthwatering pineapple brown sugar glaze.

And as a bonus, I’ll reveal some delectable meal prep ideas that are worth trying.

Get ready to experience the joy of effortless cooking and savor the incredible flavors that await!

How to Select the Perfect Ham?

When it comes to creating a mouthwatering slow cooker pineapple brown sugar ham, selecting the right type of ham is crucial.

Let’s explore the different types of ham available and learn some tips for choosing the best one for your slow cooker preparation.

The HAMazing Choices

When it comes to hams, there are some awesome options to consider. Check out these flavorful contenders that will make your slow cooker swoon:

  • Smoked Ham: You can’t go wrong with the classic smoked ham!

    The delightful smoky flavor it brings to the party adds a touch of flavor to your pineapple and brown sugar glaze.

  • Cured Ham: Ah, the savory delight of cured ham!

    Preserved with love (and salt), this versatile choice plays exceptionally well with the sweet notes of pineapple and brown sugar.

  • Spiral-Cut Ham: Prepare to amaze your guests with a stunning spiral-cut ham!

    This pre-sliced delight offers unparalleled convenience, making serving a breeze and presenting a picture-perfect dish when slow-cooked.

    Making this the ideal choice for your family’s meal preparation.

Expert Tips for Choosing the WINNER

When it comes to selecting the star of the show, keep these tips in mind:

  • Quality is King: Seek out ham royalty from reputable sources.

    And here’s a valuable tip when looking for your ham at the grocery. Always look for a fresh, well-marbled ham, free from unwanted preservatives.

  • Size Matters: Consider the number of hungry tummies you’ll be feeding and the capacity of your slow cooker.

    You want the ham to fit comfortably, not feel cramped like on a crowded bus.

  • Bone-In or Boneless Dilemma: It’s a toss-up between bone-in and boneless hams!

    Bone-in hams offer extra flavor, while boneless ones are a breeze to carve and serve. (Take your pick!)

By putting some thought into the type of ham you choose, its size, and its quality, you’re setting yourself up for slow-cooking success! 

So, there you have it, my fellow food adventurers! Armed with the knowledge of selecting the perfect ham.

You’re now ready to rock your delectable slow cooker porky creation

Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham

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  • 1 (5-6 pounds) spiral-sliced ham

  • 1 cup packed brown sugar

  • 1 cup pineapple juice

  • 1/4 cup Dijon mustard

  • 1/4 cup honey

  • 1 teaspoon ground cloves

  • Pineapple rings and maraschino cherries for garnish (optional)


  • Place the spiral-sliced fully cooked ham in the slow cooker, flat side down.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine the brown sugar, pineapple juice, Dijon mustard, honey, and ground cloves.

    Stir until the brown sugar is dissolved and the mixture is well combined.
  • Pour the pineapple brown sugar glaze over the ham, ensuring it gets into the slices and coats the entire ham.
  • Cover the slow cooker with the lid and cook on low heat for 6-8 hours.

    The low and slow cooking will allow the flavors to meld and the ham to become tender and juicy.
  • Every 1-2 hours, baste the ham with the glaze from the bottom of the slow cooker to keep it moist and flavorful.
  • Once the cooking time is complete, carefully remove the ham from the slow cooker and transfer it to a serving platter.
  • Let the ham rest for a few minutes before serving to allow the juices to redistribute.
  • Optionally, garnish with pineapple rings and maraschino cherries for an extra touch of sweetness and presentation.
  • Serve the slow cooker pineapple brown sugar ham warm, ensuring to scoop up the delicious glaze from the bottom of the slow cooker and drizzle it over the slices.

This delicious slow cooker pork recipe is a delightful centerpiece for any special occasion or family gathering.

The combination of sweet pineapple, brown sugar, and spices creates a mouthwatering glaze that perfectly complements the tender and juicy ham.

Helpful Tips, Exciting Variations, and Troubleshooting Techniques

To ensure a successful slow cooker pineapple brown sugar ham, here are some additional tips, variations, and troubleshooting suggestions:

Tips to Nail That Slow Cooker Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham

  • Trim the Fat: Always keep things lean and mean! Before you toss that ham into the slow cooker, trim off any excess fat to avoid a greasy disaster.

  • Use a Meat Thermometer: Safety first, my friends!

    Use a handy meal prep essential like a meat thermometer to check the ham’s temp. Always aim for a juicy 145°F (63°C) to keep it perfectly cooked.

  • Baste Regularly: Don’t be shy with that glaze! Regularly basting your ham will lock in all that scrumptious flavor. (and keep it moist and oh-so-delicious!)

Fabulous Twists That you should try to your pineapple brown sugar ham

  • Mustard Glaze: Love that tangy zing? (well, look no further)

    Add 2 tablespoons of whole-grain mustard to your glaze mix for a flavor explosion that plays tag with the sweetness.

  • Spice It Up: Looking to spice things up for your romantic dinner with your partner?

    Embrace the heat and add a pinch of cayenne pepper or some hot sauce to your glaze. (for that spicy goodness)

  • Maple Syrup Infusion: Sweeten the deal with maple syrup!

    Swap out the honey and let the maple syrup take your glaze on a wild, flavor-filled journey.

Quick Fixes to Save the Day

  • Too Thin, No Grin: If your glaze is playing it too cool and thin. (no problem!)

    Pop it in a saucepan and let it simmer on low until it thickens up. Then, slather it on your ham. ( like a boss!)

  • Thick as Glue?: Oh, honey, if the glaze becomes a little too thick, just add some pineapple juice to the mix.

    Voila! (Pourable perfection achieved!)

  • Adjust the Sweetness: If your picky eater kid prefers less sweetness, no worries!

    Just customize the brown sugar in your glaze to perfectly match what they want.

By following these tips, trying out exciting twists, and being armed with quick fixes, you’ll be the slow cooker pineapple brown sugar ham mastermind!

And there you have it, my fellow foodies – the slow cooker pineapple brown sugar ham of your dreams! 

It’s a sweet and savory symphony that’ll make your taste buds boogie with delight. The best part? (It’s so easy to whip up!)

As the ham simmers away in the slow cooker, the flavors of pineapple and brown sugar join forces.

Creating a mouthwatering glaze that’ll have you sniffing the air like a hungry detective on the hunt!

The tantalizing aroma that fills your home is pure magic – trust me, your guests will be drooling before they even sit down at the table!

The beauty of the slow cooker is its set-it-and-forget-it charm. You can go about your day, and when dinnertime rolls around, voila!

Your succulent ham is ready to steal the show. (No stress, just pure deliciousness)

Whether it’s for a special holiday feast, preparing for a cozy family gathering, or just a random Tuesday when you want to treat yourself, this ham will be your kitchen’s superstar.

It’s the kind of dish that brings everyone together, filling the room with joy, laughter, and happy tummies.

One taste of that tender, juicy ham, and you’ll see why it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Your guests will be reaching for seconds, thirds, and even fourths. (with a dish this good, who can resist?)

Oh, and don’t forget to make it your own! Get creative with the glaze – toss in some extra spices, add a tangy twist, or even go wild with a dash of hot sauce!

The possibilities are as endless as the smiles you’ll be putting on your loved ones’ when you prepare this meal prep recipe for them.

So, let’s get this ham-tastic party started! Gather your ingredients, set up that trusty slow cooker, and let the magic unfold.

It’s time to impress your crew with a slow cooker pineapple brown sugar ham they won’t stop raving about!

Now, it’s time to put your slow cooker to good use and indulge in the deliciousness of slow cooker pineapple brown sugar ham. 

Happy cooking!

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What to Serve With Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham?

When serving pineapple brown sugar ham, there are several delicious side dishes that complement its flavors. Consider serving it with:

  • Roasted vegetables, such as carrots, Brussels sprouts, or green beans.

  • Creamy mashed potatoes or sweet potato casserole.

  • Freshly baked dinner rolls or cornbread.

  • A crisp salad with a tangy vinaigrette.

  • Glazed carrots or honey-glazed roasted sweet potatoes.

How to Keep Leftovers?

To keep leftovers of pineapple brown sugar ham fresh and flavorful, follow these steps:

  • Allow the ham to cool completely before storing it.

  • Slice the remaining ham into portions or leave it whole, depending on your preference.

  • Place the ham in an airtight container or wrap it tightly in plastic wrap.

  • For optimal freshness, keep it refrigerated for a duration of 3-4 days.

  • When reheating, do so gently to prevent drying out the ham. You can use the microwave, oven, or stovetop, depending on your desired method.

What to Do With Leftover Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham?

Leftover pineapple brown sugar ham can be transformed into delicious meals. Here are some ideas:

  • Ham and cheese sliders: Use leftover ham slices to make tasty sliders by layering them with cheese and your favorite condiments between soft rolls.

  • Ham and vegetable frittata: Incorporate diced ham into a fluffy frittata along with sautéed vegetables and cheese for a satisfying brunch or dinner.

  • Ham and pineapple stir-fry: Combine leftover ham with fresh or canned pineapple chunks, bell peppers, and stir-fry sauce for a quick and flavorful meal.

  • Ham and pea soup: Simmer leftover ham bone or ham chunks with peas, carrots, onions, and broth to create a comforting ham and pea soup.

These are just a few creative ways to enjoy leftover pineapple brown sugar ham, but feel free to get creative and experiment with your own culinary creations.

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