DIY Printable Planner Folders To Keep All Your Receipts And Spare Notes

diy printable receipt organizerIt’s always a good idea to keep all your receipts in one place.

This is true if:

  • You bought some clothes you aren’t too sure about and might want to return it
  • You need to keep important receipts for the end of the year tax chaos
  • You want t keep track of how much you spent on Christmas
  • And you want to stay as organized and as on top of your finances as possible

I would like to mention that my photography skills are getting much better (yayy!) and I can’t wait to make them even better to create more printable tutorials.

For the longest time I’ve been shy about making them because my photography skills haven’t been the best. But a little at a time gets you there, and that goes for anything you do.

Print out the template printable pages

Below I’ve included a link to a PDF set of printable pages that you can instantly download and print.

Make sure you print them two at a time double sided so it works for you.

It’s important that you print them two at a time double sided because that way the label is on the right side of the same page and you don’t run into trouble.

I included two different paper designs so you can choose your favorite.

Remember, your envelopes will last longer when you print them on sturdy cardstock. This way they don’t tear and rip as easy. You can always get a quick pack of cardstock at Walmart or Amazon!

Some other supplies you might need if you don’t have them on hand:

Hole puncher

A hole puncher is always something you want to have handy whether you print a lot of things or not. You never know when you’ll need one for whatever project. Believe me, I learned this the hard way.

Planner binder (this is my absolute favorite and the one I use)

This is the planner binder I LOVE for my printable planner. It helps me keep everything in my printable planner organized and lets me show off my planner cover pages whenever I try out a new set of printables.


This is the cardstock I mentioned before. Easy and not too pricey. You can use it for lots of things, Christmas cards, making homemade printable tags, and hey, there receipt folders we’re about to make. 🙂

Cut, fold, and hole punch

Now, making your folders is super easy and doesn’t take too many steps at all. Once you print them out, you’ll know which line to cut and which one to fold on. Like you can see in this picture.

Once you fold the corner of the page, then all you have to do is line it up and fold it in half.

This goes for both pages you print out (don’t worry, they’re both labeled clearly!)

I think I personally like how the sprinkle patterned folder came out. It’s the one I currently have in my planner!

Stick it in your planner!

Once you fold the page over after cutting off the edge, voila!

Now you have a small folder where you can put all your receipts in.

You just have to line it up with your rings and hole punch it accordingly.

What I like to do is take a page that has already been hole punched, line it up with the folder, and use it as a guide to create the punch holes in the cardstock.

You can line up the folder with the bottom of the planner, you can line it up to keep it more near the center of your planner.

Totally your call!

Keep all your receipts in one place

This is what the end result looks like!

How did you like it? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂


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  1. Hi Bheemaray. Hopefully I finish a draft of the one I started. I’ll be sure to share it with you. There’s only so many hours in the day. Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

  2. I have to thank you for the free offer of most of your products of talented and hard work. I have downloaded those I need and am using them.
    I wish to see a non-fiction ebook or paperback from your pen about an aspect of blogging.

  3. Hi, I am a huge fan of yours. I love all your printables that you have designed. I absolutely love, love these receipt keepers!!! They are perfect for what I need. I love the fact that the size is smaller than the binder, makes it stand out more and easier to find in the binder. Also, I love the patterns you used, you are so gifted and talented to be able create such beautiful and useful things!! I very much appreciate that you share these printable’s with us for free. Keep up the great work you do, and thank you so much for sharing.

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