16 Free Script Fonts That Are Absolutely Gorgeous

free script fonts for printables

One thing I love to do is collect some of my favorite fonts. I guess that’s a very nerdy thing to do when you geek out on beautiful fonts, but hey, sometimes I can’t help myself.

You can spend hours searching for the perfect fonts or you can check out the ones I’ve listed below. I’ve basically done a lot of the work for you, all you have to do is look through.

Remember, some fonts look better than you might think in different sizes, different colors, or even in all uppercase or under case. Sometimes you have to play around with the font a little to see what fits. I know these fonts in particular make great wedding fonts or birthday card fonts.

Have fun with it!

Click on the corresponding link below paired with the uplifting word in the picture to find the right font.

PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS check if the fonts are free for commercial or personal use only. This list has a mix of all kinds of fonts so make sure you check on their original page for their terms of use.

Free script fonts you can mix and match

Frutilla Script – Ethereal

Gruenewald Script – Gorgeous

Special Valentine – Virtuous

Pea Roxygirl – Adventurous

Jennifer Lynne – Romantic

Diantha – Sunshine

Leather – Fabulous

Signatura – Audacious – Free for commercial use!

Quentin – Confident – Free for commercial use!

Bellaberry – Kindness

Golden Plains – Bright

Hello – Stunning

Little Days – Lovely

Channel Slanted – Beautiful

Coalhand Luke – Adorable

Contribute –  Tenacious

free script fonts for printables

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    Above you’ll see the links that correspond to each word associated with the font you’d like to download. Just click on the red links and it takes you to the font’s page (sometimes when you get to the page you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find the ‘download’ button. 🙂

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