Work from Home Writing: 20 Sites That Pay You To Write From Your Couch

Work from Home Writing: 20 Sites That Pay You To Write From Your Couch

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever wondered how you can make real side income writing?

Also, raise your hand if you have no idea where to start looking?

If you’ve got both hands raised real high, I’ve got just the list for you. ☺

See, I’ve been able to make income working as a freelance writer and know that it is an absolutely real way to create an extra income stream.

To be able to start though, it’s been unbelievably helpful that I had a blog up and running and a couple of blog posts to show your writing skills.

Wait A Minute
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That way, I was able to show some writing ability and could start getting paid for my work.

I mean, isn’t it nice to be able to have extra cash on hand to pay for extra expenses (hello red wine)?

Sometimes we just have no idea where to start looking.

So, I put together a list of 20 sites that are looking to put your writing chops to work.

Extra Tip: You do NOT have to be an expert to contribute to these sites, so don’t be intimidated and keep yourself from pitching. You Do have to be a decent writer, though. Remember, the more you practice the better you’ll get.

Make sure you read the end on tips and tricks for effective pitching to get your hard work accepted and paid for!

1. The Layout

Work From Home Writing

Earn up to $150 per article

If you’re WordPress savvy and can share your knowledge with the world in an easy to read and comprehensive way then you should write for The Layout.

They even do the hard work for you if you have no idea what to write about (they have a list of topics you can choose from).

Here’s how to start earning by writing for The Layout!

2. Cooking Detective

work from home writingThey pay $75 for 2,000+ word posts

Are you a cookspert? (see what I did there?)

You can write for Cooking Detective. They are constantly looking for new contributors on food and nutrition. And they even ask you to submit your regular pay rate to see if they’d like you to become a regular contributor!

Check out their complete guidelines here!

3. Freelance Mom

Work From Home Writing

They Pay up to $100 for a 900-1500 word post

Are you a mommy? Write for Freelance Mom and get paid. They like their guest posts to be at least 900 words long and like personal, researched, or educational articles on parenting topics!

Get more info about their paid guest posting guidelines here.

4. Healthy Living

Work From Home Writing

They pay $150 for a 1500-6000 feature word post

If you like writing about health and bettering your lifestyle then Healthy Living is a good option for you. Best of all, they’ll respond within six days of you submitting your story so you aren’t left in the dark and waiting forever.

Get the Healthy Living submission details here.

5. Barefoot Writer

Work From Home Writing

Pay is $100-$300 per published article

Barefoot Writer wants your writing secrets in a nicely written post! They prefer their posts to range anywhere from 400-800 words.

Learn more about their submission guidelines here.

6. The Write Life

Work From Home Writing

They pay $75 per 800-100-word post

The Write Life is a great resource for writers trying to get their writing careers started. If you can contribute any valuable writing tricks and tips then you should look into submitting a pitch.

Get The Write Life pitching details here.

7. UpWorthy

Work From Home Writing

UpWorthy likes your short (500 word) posts that are ‘shareable, meaningful, visual, and surprising.’ If you’re interested in pitching UpWorthy, you’ll have to send them an email and they’ll send you a complete information packet on how to apply!

Learn more here.

8. Writers Weekly

Work From Home Writing

Pays $60 for a 600-word feature article

Get paid to Write for various topics on Writers Weekly! They cover topics like writing from home, self-employment, and marketing your skills as a writer.

Here are their guidelines for more information.

9. Dollar Stretcher

Work From Home Writing

Will pay 0.10 cents per word

The Dollar Stretcher site is always looking for specific ways to save money. If this is something you enjoy writing about and think you have some great ideas on the topic then Dollar Stretcher can accept your guest post.

Read their complete set of guidelines and get started here.

<<Is this post being helpful to you? Make sure you check these out!>>

10. The Penny Hoarder

Work From Home Writing

The Penny Hoarder is yet another money site that is always looking for contributors! They ask that you submit Evergreen content (if you don’t know what that is read this) and that you make your posts at least 700-900 words long.

Get all The Penny Hoarder pitching deets here.

11. Funds for Writers

Work From Home Writing

They pay $50 for unpublished work

Funds for writers is a writer’s hub to learn all about writing their best work. They are looking for engaging posts that are between 500-600 words long. They prefer submissions that revolve around earning a living as a writer.

Check out their full submission details here.

12. Refinery 29

Work From Home Writing

‘Wanna write for Refinery29? Here’s Your Big Chance!’

Refinery29 is an upbeat lifestyle site that publishes posts on anything from beauty, to health, to entertainment. If you have a great idea for a post, you can submit it to them and they’ll get back to you with a response.

If they like your work, they’ll even onboard you as a contributor.

Check the Refinery29 submission guidelines here.

13. WP Hub

Work From Home Writing

They pay $100-$200 per article depending on topic and length

WP Hub is a content site that is all about WordPress. They are looking for actionable articles that inform their readers on WordPress themes topics.

This is a perfect opportunity for you if you are tech savvy.

Take a look at the complete submission guidelines here.

14. The Freelancer by Contently

work from home writing

Example pay rate: Pays $1.70 per word for a 1,000-5,000 word article

The Freelancer has a site where there are open calls for job posts that Contently might need during a given time period. This can range from anything around needing finance experts to needing writers knowledgeable in the Asian culture.

You can check out their page here.

15. Her View from Home

Work From Home Writing

They pay $100 for published content with 4k page views or more

Her View From Home is a lifestyle site that pays you to write posts on family life and homemaking. They like their articles to be between 600-800 words long and pay their writers based on their post views!

Check out their guidelines here.

16. Family Fun

work from home writing

Pay is $1.25/word for an 850-3,000 word post

Family Fun pays you to write about family oriented topics! It can be anything from crafts, games, organizing, and decorating.

Learn what the submission guidelines are here.

17. Babble

Work From Home Writing

They pay $150 for a 1,200-word post

Write for Babble and get your best work published with them! They revolve around humorous pieces on motherhood and raising your child. As they say ‘If you can dream it you can be it!’

Get the Babble submission guidelines here.

18. Thriving Families

Work From Home Writing

Reportedly pay starts at $.25 per word for 1,200 – 1,500 word articles

Thriving families, as you might have guessed, revolves around posts on the family unit. On their submission page, they claim to always be needing submissions. And at the time of putting this post together, they have an open call to regular contributors.

This is perfect for stay at home moms!

Get the details on how to get started here.

19. Money Pantry

Work From Home Writing

They pay up to $150 for 700 – 2,000-word posts

Money Pantry is a finance blog, for all those finance savvy writers out there.

They like to publish posts that are reader friendly on topics that revolve around well, you guessed it, money! If you have a unique take on making or saving money then this is a site you’ll want to look into!

Get all the details here.

20. Cosmo

work from home writing

The pay? $100 for an 800-word post

Cosmopolitan over here isn’t just about steamy models— they want your awesome and insightful personal essays too. They’ll even ‘hit you up’ for future assignments if they like your work!

Get all the details to start writing for Cosmopolitan here.

Bonus: Check out the ProBlogger job board!

make money writing from home

The ProBlogger job board is a super-duper site for finding and scoring freelance work!

There are jobs posted on a DAILY basis.

So far, it’s been the job board that I’ve had the most luck pitching to and getting responses from.

And the best thing is that jobs range from all kinds of niches. They’ll post jobs in anything from parenting to wed design to finance blog posts. You never know what they’ll post, so check back constantly!

If you’d like to read about how I got my first freelance writing gig you can check out this detailed post for more valuable takeaways on starting your side hustle.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Pitching

There are three main things to remember when pitching successfully:

  1. Read the guidelines thoroughly and follow directions to a T
  2. Always be polite and always meet deadlines
  3. Look for winning pitch examples and follow that. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel!

Your Next Action Steps:

  1. First- Make sure you share this with a friend/pin it on Pinterest if this post was helpful to you and added value to YOUR life!
  2. Start your blog with Bluehost ($2.95 a month!) It’s an affordable and reliable hosting company for your blog when you’re first starting out and building a solid blog foundation.
  3. Publish a couple quality long form posts around the niche you’d like to write in
  4. Create a pitching spreadsheet to keep track of everything and start pitching to relevant sites! Use your post links as your freelance samples!
  5. Remember, getting writing work online is a numbers game. The more you pitch the more likely you are to get accepted (and sometimes you can even become a regular contributor) the key is being consistent!
  6. Rinse and repeat! (And publish some more blog posts!)

Now you’ve gotta get your freelance game on and start pitching. Any awesome sites I missed adding to the list?

Don’t hesitate to let me know below!

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