The 10 Easiest Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend With Little Money

The 10 Easiest Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend With Little Money

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It’s frustrating isn’t it?

You want to make some extra money on the side but you’re out of ideas on how to actually do it.

That’s why you’ve landed here.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell you to go fill out surveys (though I’m tempted) but I can share a couple other ways of making a legit side income.

The magic of side hustles is that you don’t have to worry too much about their ultimate outcome because, well, they are side hustles.

They’re a great way to get your feet wet, see what you’re good at, and what takes off before you decide to take a serious plunge and make it a full-time gig (or not that’s cool too).

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Here are some ideas (and resources) you might not have thought of to help you decide what you want to spend your spare time on— besides watching Game of Thrones (I know, I’m addicted too).

Design Custom Products Without Upfront Costs

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

The notorious t-shirt design business has been given a bit of a makeover.

If you’re risk averse you can open an account with Tee Spring.

With Teespring, you can try your hand at designing primarily t-shirts, though there are also other items like totes and pillows.

The way Teespring’s business model works, you don’t pay them anything until you’ve made a sale!

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

That is, they have a base price for a t-shirt (10 bucks) you decide the price of your t-shirt, and every time you make a sale they get their $1o.

With this set-up, you technically get to keep 100% of the profit once you’ve made a sale.

Their business model makes it super easy to get started.

It means there are no barriers to entry (aka excuses) and you can design a couple of t-shirts and see if they get any traction.

Take Note: If you combine Tee Spring and Facebook ads (which are relatively easy to learn) you can spend a few dollars (You can start with as little as $3) a day advertising your t-shirts to hundreds or thousands of people.

Another low-risk t-shirt design option is Merch by Amazon. Where you can design t-shirts that Amazon will showcase, produce and ship for you.

As with most of these types of setups, Amazon Merch takes a cut of the earnings for pulling the bulk of the process.

They have a waiting list (due to the overwhelming response) you can sign up for if you’re interested in possibly getting accepted.

Start Pinning Affiliate Pins on Pinterest

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend


Pinterest recently started letting people add affiliate links to their pins again.

What does this mean for you? Moolah, baby.

With some motivation, a pinning strategy, some pins, and applying to a couple of affiliates you could be well on your way to making some income on the side.

It’s also a great way to start a side hustle with little money down.

You can check out this informative post on Mom’s Make Cents to find out more about how to get started!

Open A Simple Shopify Store with Oberlo

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

The thought of opening a Shopify store can be scary.

Understandably so.

But if you combine the simple dropshipping model and Oberlo, you can start creating your niche online store by adding products in minutes.

Oberlo is the easiest store app to use in the world.

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

Once you start your Shopify account, the very next questions you’ll ask are:

  • How do I source products?
  • How do I keep everything organized?

They make it painstakingly easy to source your products, make images and descriptions easy, and even keep track of your inventory for you.

Best of all, you can open a Shopify store for 14 days free before paying a monthly fee.

And just like Shopify, Oberlo is also free until you start getting huge influxes of customers in (which is when you’ll be able to afford their paid plans).

If you’ve been thinking of opening an online store, but are scared of putting it all together, Oberlo and Shopify is a good combination for beginners.

Get your first 14 days of Shopify FREE here and start your first store!

Become A Pinterest VA

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

If you haven’t yet heard of the online business wave going on right now, you best get your head out of the sand.

With it comes the Pinterest VA services many bloggers are in need of.

Because pinning pins on Pinterest can be a great source of traffic, bloggers have flocked to the platform (me included).

And as their businesses grow, so do their tasks, and so does their need to find someone to manage those tasks.

There are formal VA (virtual assistant) programs out there you can use to train if you aren’t familiar with Pinterest.

And there are also Facebook groups for VA’s where you can try your hand at picking up some tips (some people even find VA work), like:

Keep in mind virtual assistants aren’t just for Pinterest, but can also be for email management, blog management, and other online based tasks.

Amy Lynn Andrews has a kickass post on how you can get started on your virtual assistant journey.

> >Looking for more income strategies? Make sure you check these out!< <

Start (Copy) Writing

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

Don’t mind writing? Or at least, don’t mind learning to write well?

Get your freelance game on!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to write like an encyclopedia to write articles that do well online (in fact, it’s the total opposite).

There are many freelance sites out there where work for freelancers is posted daily.

The one where I’ve personally found the biggest success is the ProBlogger job board.

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

But other job boards you can look at are:

If you think your thing would be more copywriting, which is basically just writing copy for companies to sell better, Neville from Kopywriting Kourse has a humongous post on how to get started and what you can expect.

Pro Tip: If you’re serious about picking up freelance work, make sure you stalk those job boards like a hawk. You aren’t the only one looking for side work, and the jobs as snatched up quicker than you can say ‘bazinga.’

Ryan Robinson, a pro freelancer, has a great guide for freelancing beginners that takes you through each step to ensure snagging gigs.

Start An Instagram Shout Out Accounteasiest side hustles you can start this weekend

The times are a-changing.

And so are all the ways to make money through social media.

You know those Instagram pages with lots of random pretty pictures on it and thousands of follows?

Yeah, they make money off posting those pictures as shoutouts.

The gist is, start an account, make it look really pretty, gain thousands of followers and either start emailing people with your posting offers or they’ll start emailing you.


If you want to get started about starting an Instagram account and amassing a large following, check out this ultra complete guide to Instagram on Buffer.

Write and Publish Your First E-book for Free

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

If you’re good at writing and telling stories, or are knowledgeable in a certain area, nothing can stop you from publishing your very first book.

With Kindle Publishing, you can sell your first e-book, or decide to sell your book as a physical paperback copy, on Amazon.

It can be as easy as writing it, opening an account with your book information, and have it ready to sell in a few minutes.

You can earn up to 70% (notice it says ‘up to’) on each sale and you hace certain control over your publishing rights.

Check out the guidelines and see if self-publishing is something you’d like to take on and ehem, start as soon as this weekend!

Flip Cool Things on Bonanza

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

Not Ebay, but just like Ebay, except with less outrageous fees.

Bonanza is an up and coming flipping site that lets sellers list their cool things for sale.

They aim to make the selling and relationship building process of sellers easier by equipping them with the right tools.

If you’re into flipping, would like to try it, or are tired of Ebay, then Bonanza flipping could be an option for you.

Get started flipping your things with Bonanza here.

Donate Parts of Your Body

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

Ok so it’s not an online hustle, but you can make some money selling your plasma to Biolife.

No you won’t die and yes you’ll get paid.

Up to $70 a week to be exact.

You can do some damage with $70 a week if you ask me (like pay for your monthly Shopify store fee).

Donating plasma is simply donating the liquid component of your blood (sans red blood cells) and can take up to an hour to complete one procedure.

The cons? You’ll get some needle action.

Not into needles? On to the next thing then.

Start A Mini Affiliate Review Blog

easiest side hustles you can start this weekend

An affiliate review site is a great way to get started with affiliate marketing.

(If you don’t yet know what affiliate marketing is, read this).

Starting a review site in a niche you enjoy writing about can be lucrative in the long run if you put in the consistent effort.

Take a look at this one, for instance, about buying the best double stroller for you (your twins?).

You can learn more about the ins and outs of starting your own niche site with this in-depth post on the types of sites you can start.

Making money blogging is a great way to start an online business you can work with on the side that will pay off in the long run.

Notice I said in the long run. Making money blogging is definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

Read this guide to start your first blog and start putting your online business together (you get a FREE domain name for your site when you sign up through the link).

Start This Weekend!


Side hustles and daydreaming don’t go well together.

Achieving is all in the doing. And the doing should start as soon as this weekend.

Get your easy side hustle on and see where you can get traction. You never know if it’ll turn out into something bigger than you’ve ever imagined.

In the long run, it’ll hurt you more if you don’t try than if you try and fail.

Any lucrative side hustles you know of that I missed? Mention it in the comments below!

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