My Epic Guide To Best Journals For Bullet Journaling (Get Ready To Bullet Journal Like A Boss!)

As an individual who has been using bullet journals for a couple of years, I can attest that the proper journal can make an enormous difference.

Bullet journaling can be a fun and effective method to keep up with your projects, bullet journal goal tracker, and ideas in life.

But, if you need the right journal, it could be easier and more manageable.

Just take a deep dive in to learn more interesting hacks!

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This is why I’ve developed this article to assist you in choosing the ideal journal to use for bullet journaling!

In this guide, I’ll go over the basics of the various types of journals, the factors to consider when selecting the right journal, and my top choices for the leading journals for bullet journaling.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you throughout your journey in bullet journaling, and it’s okay to make mistakes. It is the way to your success!

Therefore, whether you’re an experienced bullet journaler or just beginning your journey, read on to find the right journal to meet your requirements.

Don’t settle for an ordinary journal.

Let’s be creative by using these suggestions!

The 3 Different Types of Journals You Can Use

When choosing a journal for bullet journaling, there are several different types to consider. Each type has pros and cons.

What is most effective for one person might not be suitable for another. Here are some of the most popular forms of bullet journaling, and here’s how to start one.

an image of hardbound journal with different color

Hardbound Journals

A hardbound journal is a popular option for bullet journaling since they last for a long time and are durable.

That gives users benefits for bullet journaling.

They usually include a binding sewn that lets them lie flat when opened, making writing and drawing in the journals easier.

A few hardbound journals also have a velcro closure that helps secure them when unused.


  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Lay flat once you have opened it.
  • Usually, they come with an elastic closure.


  • They can be heavy and bulky.
  • Less portable than alternatives.
  • Pages can be challenging to eliminate when you make a mistake.

Personal Experience

  • I’ve had several hardbound journals to write bullet journal entries throughout the years.
  • Although they are heavy and heavy to transport, I am impressed by their durability and strength.
  • I’ve noticed that the pages stand up to various markers and pens, and the binding sewn lets me effortlessly switch between pages.
an image of an spiral journal with mini clip along with quote

Spiral Journals

Spiral journals, also called wire-bound journals, are another preferred option for bullet journals.

They are made of metal and have a spiral binding that lets them lie flat when opened, making them simple.

Some spiral journals also feature an edge with perforations that allow users to tear away pages should they need to quickly.


  • Lay flat after opening.
  • It’s easy to remove pages.
  • Usually, they are available in a variety of sizes.


  • It can be challenging to locate spiral journals made of high-quality paper.
  • Wire bindings can hinder drawing or writing.
  • More durable than other alternatives.

Personal Experience

  • There have been times when I’ve utilized spiral notebooks to journal bullets in the past.
  • Although I like the flexibility to tear pages out quickly, wire-bound journals could sometimes block the flow when writing or drawing close to the borders of pages.
  • In addition, it is hard to locate a spiral journal with quality paper. Certain pens and markers can be a problem.
an image of a soft journal notebook with a quote on it

Soft Cover Journals

Softcover journals, often called paperback journals, can be an easy-to-carry and light option for bullet journals.

They usually feature a glued binding, which makes the journal challenging to lie flat once they are open. However, specific journals with softcovers have sewn bindings to lay them flat.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • You can find it in the stores.
  • Usually, they are less expensive than spiral or hardbound journals. They are generally cheaper than spiral.


  • Pages can be challenging to write on when they are near the binding.
  • Less long-lasting than other alternatives.
  • It is challenging to lay flat after opening.

Personal Experience

  • I’ve used several softcover journals to write in bullets, and I like their versatility.
  • I’ve noticed that the bindings made of glue can create a problem when you write that close to the middle of the book.
  • But, I’ve found several softcover journals with sewn bindings that allow the journal to be in a flat position when they are open, making an ideal choice for me.

I’ve started with a bullet journal and have used a hardbound notebook to keep it. I love how soft a cover journal is challenging.

So I can be laid flat when opened. The elastic closure also helps keep it shut when not in use which is an added benefit.

Here are some bullet journal page ideas you might want to choose in the future.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Journal

Since you now understand the various bullet journaling diary formats better, it’s crucial to consider a few essential elements.

You should remember the following points:

Paper Quality (Stick For Durability!)

How well your pens and markers work depends significantly on the journal’s paper quality.

A journal’s paper should be thick enough to avoid bleed-through and ghosting but not so thick that it becomes difficult to write or draw on.

If you want to utilize particular mediums in your bullet journal, specialist paper like watercolor or dotted paper that some journals include can be handy.

Dimensions And Portability (Your Go-To Choice)

Take into account where and how you intend to use your bullet journal. You could opt for a smaller, more portable size to carry it wherever you go.

On the other hand, a larger size can be better if you want to incorporate a lot of intricate drawings or blueprints.

Binding (For Compatibility And Comfort While Writing)

Choose your preferred method of journal use and the appropriate binding style for you. Look for a stitched or wire-binding journal if you want one that opens flat.

 A spiral binding would be more suitable for tearing off pages easily.

Price (To Save And Buy More Journals!)

Price-wise, bullet journaling journals can range widely, so it’s crucial to think about your budget.

Remember that a more costly journal might have higher paper quality or unique features, but a less expensive diary can still be a fantastic alternative if it matches your needs.

I will summarize the cost in this blog. You’ll likely see this when shopping for bullet journal supplies.

  • Journals at the low end ranging 5 to $10.
  • Mid-range journals are between $10 and $25.
  • Journals of high-end quality for $25 and above.

With my bullet journal, I like to use a variety of pens and markers. Thus I favor diaries with thicker paper.

Also, I prefer journals with stitched bindings since they make it simple to turn between pages.

I like more significant journals in size to have enough room to incorporate intricate drawings and plans.

You are now aware of what to look for in a bullet journal.

We’ll move on to the following part, which features our top recommendations for the best journals for bullet journaling.

My Top Picks for Best Journals (for Bullet Journaling)

After considering the previously listed criteria,  I produced a list of our top selections for the finest journals for bullet journaling.

Depending on your choices and goals, any of these journals might be a fantastic alternative, and each offers something different.

Journal 1: Leuchtturm1917

There is a solid reason Leuchtturm1917 is a well-liked brand among people who use bullet journals.

I  print these journals on premium paper thick enough to prevent ghosting and bleed-through but not too thick to make writing challenging.

They come in various hues and sizes, and when opened, a sewn binding may allow them to lay flat.

They also contain a pocket on the back where you may put stickers or loose papers.


  • Superior-grade paper.
  • They can lay flat thanks to the stitched binding.
  • Back pocket for storing stickers or loose papers.


  • It can cost more than some choices.
  • Some customers have complained that the elastic closure gradually becomes loose.

My Personal Experience

  • I’ve previously used Leuchtturm1917 journals for bullet journaling, and I’ve always been impressed with the craftsmanship.
  • The sewn binding makes it simple to flip back and forth between pages, and the paper stands up nicely to a range of pens and markers.
  • The pocket in the back is a handy extra for storing loose documents or stickers.

Journal 2: Scribbles That Matter

Another well-liked company among those who use bullet journals is Scribbles That Matter.

Their journals come in several colors and sizes, and the 160gsm paper is thick enough to prevent ghosting and bleed-through.

Moreover, they contain a back pocket for collecting loose papers or stickers and a sewn binding that lets them lay flat when opened.


  • Superior 160gsm paper.
  • It can lay flat thanks to the stitched binding.
  • Back pocket for storing stickers or loose papers


  • It can cost more than some choices.
  • Several customers have complained that certain pens or markers cause the paper to pill or snag.

My Personal Experience

  • I’ve also used a Scribbles That Matter diary for bullet journaling, and I’ve been pleased with the paper’s quality.
  • The stitched binding makes it simple to flip back and forth between pages and stands up well to various pens and markers.
  • You can save stickers or stray documents in the pocket on the back.

Journal 3: Dingbats* (An Eco-Friendly Notebook)

The more recent brand Dingbats* is becoming more well-known among people who use bullet journals for their ideas.

Their journals are available in several colors and sizes, and the 100gsm paper they use is thick enough to prevent ghosting and bleed-through.

Moreover, they contain a back pocket for collecting loose papers or stickers and a sewn binding that lets them lay flat when opened.

Their journals also have vegan leather covers and are environmentally friendly.


  • Superior 100gsm paper.
  • It can lay flat thanks to the stitched binding.
  • Eco-Friendlily, vegetarian, and vegan materials to make one.


  • Several customers have complained that certain pens or markers cause the paper to bleed through.
  • Fewer color choices than with some other brands.

My Personal Experience

  • I’ve been impressed with the quality of the Dingbats* journal I recently started using for bullet journaling.
  • The sewn binding makes it simple to flip back and forth between pages, and the paper stands up nicely to a range of pens and markers.
  • I also like that it is vegan and environmentally friendly.

Ready To Get Creative? Find Your Perfect Bullet Journaling Recommendations Here! What Are You Waiting For?

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Get ready to dive into a quirky, colorful, and functional journaling world with our top recommendations for the best bullet journaling diaries.

I’ve scoured the market and handpicked Leuchtturm1917, Scribbles That Matter, and Dingbats*.

With features like high-quality paper, a sewn binding, and a handy pocket for all your extra stickers and papers, these journals perfectly match all your bullet journaling needs.

But wait, there’s more! Yes, you see it right.

Check out our printable bullet journal templates for a little extra flair, including pages for symbols and colors, monthly and future logs, meal planning, health and fitness, and even a birthday list.

Trust me, using a bullet journal has changed the game, and finding the right journal has been a game-changer.

So don’t wait any longer. Start your bullet journaling journey today, and create a functional and beautiful planner.

Let’s bullet journal our way to an organized and inspired life!”

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Frequently Ask Questions

What journal is the best one for newcomers?

Searching for journals with grids and dots that can guide you in sketching and writing may be helpful for those just beginning.

A few popular choices for bullet journaling are:

  • The Leuchtturm1917-dotted notebook.
  • The Rhodia dots grid notebook.
  • An Archer.
  • The Olive Dot Grid notebook.

Also, it is essential to consider your paper’s quality since using markers or pens that leak through the pages could cause the journal to become messy and challenging to use.

Numerous bullet journal enthusiasts suggest using paper with 90 grams in weight to avoid this problem.

Is a bullet journal better than a diary?

Bullet journaling and diary keeping are two different methods of personal organization, depending on your preferences and needs.

A diary typically involves writing down your thoughts and experiences as they happen, while a bullet journal is a more structured system for tracking tasks, goals, and events.

However, you can use a bullet journal as a diary by incorporating a section for daily reflection or journaling.

The advantage of using a bullet journal as a diary combines the task tracking and reflection aspects of a personal organization in one place.

Should bullet journals be dotted or blank?

As someone who has used dotted and blank notebooks for bullet journaling, I prefer dotted notebooks.

The subtle guide of the dots helps me draw straight lines and create grids without the distraction of visible lines.

I also appreciate the flexibility of dotted notebooks.

As I can easily make my own unique layouts and designs. However, everyone’s preferences differ.

Some prefer lined or grid notebooks in their bullet journals for more structure. Choosing a notebook that works for you and your needs is important.

Are Moleskine notebooks suitable for bullet journals?

Moleskine notebooks are a well-known choice for bullet journaling. They’re renowned for their top-quality papers and strong bindings, which makes them ideal for daily usage.

Furthermore, Moleskine notebooks come in different dimensions, colors, and layouts, allowing flexibility to meet your specific requirements for Bullet Journals.

At last, Moleskine notebooks can be an affordable and sophisticated option for those looking for bullet journals.

Which size notebook would be the best to use for bullet journaling?

A good size for bullet journals is an A5 size notebook, often described as a medium-sized notebook.

Many people prefer the measure because it offers an optimal balance of plenty of storage space for writing and practical portability.

This makes it simple to put into a bag, backpack, computer bag, or tote.

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