How To Start A Bullet Journal: 21 Gorgeous BUJO Ideas + Tools To Get Organized

How To Start A Bullet Journal: 21 Gorgeous BUJO Ideas + Tools To Get Organized

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 How to start a bullet journal- best bullet journal notebook

So you want to learn how to start a bullet journal.

If you are clueless about bullet journals, today is the day you’ll discover something new (and absolutely gorgeous).

A bullet journal is basically a space where you get to organize everything from your thoughts to your daily schedule to your meal planning, there are an infinite amount of ways to go about creating one.

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Sometimes what we lack is a tad bit of inspiration (which this post will take care of in the next few minutes!).

I loved putting together the bullet journal ideas infographic to the right and I’ll probably spend time (way too much time actually) making more in the future to inspire more BUJO ideas.

Update: I create a FREE bullet journal habit tracker printable that you can download and use right here. 🙂

If You’re An Organization Junkie: 

I recently published a set of organizational printables to keep you organized beautifully! If bullet journals and planners are your thing, then this is perfect for you.

The Organized Life Planner is what I use to keep my life sane and in order with the seemingly millions of things I have to get done each week. 🙂 It is almost like a pre-made bullet journal.

It’s a steal of more than 16 BEAUTIFUL pages to help keep your life on track.


Bullet Journal Essentials 

Now, like I said, the awesome thing about bullet journals is that you get to customize them however you want, but there are always a few basics to get you started that are bullet journal idea must-haves for whenever you want to get organized and creative at the same time.

Occasionally, I love choosing beautiful script fonts from this list to make my creations as pretty as they can be.

NOTE: If you really want to try bullet journaling, but don’t quite want to dive in and buy a bullet journal, download a FREE dot grid page and get some practice in to see how you like it! If you don’t want to invest in a bullet journal, you can always print out a couple of pages of dot grid paper and bind them together or keep them in a binder. How’s that for a bullet journal hack? 🙂

Most of the bullet journal essentials are pretty affordable if you’re willing to create an awesome journal full of organized ideas.

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The Best Journals For Bullet Journaling

First things first: you need a trusty bullet journal notebook for your bullet journal ideas. But not just any notebook. You want to make sure the paper feels right to you when you write all over it. It helps make free handing your designs and bullet journal ideas a lot easier.

Now, where can I buy a bullet journal? You ask? This Pro Version Dotted Bullet Journal is perfect for that and it’s durable, which is lovely (no pages falling out of order nonsense).

It’s the best bullet journal notebook I’ve found and it’s usually the one recommended by the biggest BUJOS out there.

It’s pages are dotted, which makes it great to create a bullet journal tracker or to help you create templates for future reference. There are plenty of bullet journals for sale (even moleskin bullet journals, who knew!) but all in all, this notebook makes it on my good bullet journal notebooks list without question.

 How to start a bullet journal- best bullet journal notebook

Get It Here

Washi Tape

Now, after you’ve made your bullet journal purchase, Washi Tape is a great way to color coordinate each section of your bullet journal. It keeps all your bullet journal ideas nice and findable.

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You can do endless things with them, from creating nice little boxes, tabs, or even helping you trace straight lines. I love that they come in an array of colors so you can pick out your favorites or theme each BUJO entry.

 How to start a bullet journal- best bullet journal notebook

Get It Here

Dual Tipped Tombow Pens 

Most Bullet journalers swear by any type of Tombow pens. They are just that good, and the colors they come in are just gorgeous. Best of all they’re dual tipped, meaning there is a different size tip on each side so you can choose how thick or thin you want your line.

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Now, there are plenty of other color combinations out there in terms of Tombow markers for any kind of bullet journal ideas imaginable. It all depends on what your style is and what you’re looking for. If you like these pastel bullet journal pens then you should definitely click below and check them out.

how to start a bullet journal

Get Them Here

Tombow Fudenosuke Outlining Pens

Your bullet journal ideas kit isn’t complete without a good set of outlining pens. These Fudenosuke outlining pens are durable and don’t bleed like a lot of regular gel pens do (I’ve ruined way too many pages with runny pens to count).

These are definitely an investment, and a set of pens you can use over and over.

 How to start a bullet journal- best bullet journal notebook tombow pens

Get Them Here

Sticky Notes

Need I say more? 🙂 Sticky notes can be used as dividers or colorful add-ins to your bujo pages depending on what you’re working. You can use them along with bullet journal stamps to create your unique designs.

I find they are great for creating a mini calendar by using each sticky as a day and lining them up. I love these colors too! So pretty.

 How to start a bullet journal- best bullet journal notebook sticky notes

Get It Here

Learn Lettering + Calligraphy

Maybe you want to start bullet journaling but think your artistic skills aren’t up to par? Then you should learn some hand lettering and calligraphy with this comprehensive bullet journal book! Beyond having the bullet journal notebook as the basic foundation for your BUJO journey, the next step is learning how to bring your organized creations to life.

Instructional books like the bestseller below are great to either brush up on or learn completely new hand lettering techniques to make your bullet journal ideas look like a pro made them.

 How to start a bullet journal- best bullet journal notebook calligraphy

Check Out The Book!

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Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Now that you know what it takes to have a good sturdy set of tools for a perfect bullet journal experience (especially if you’re a complete beginner) let’s look at all the BEST bullet creations out there to inspire your own journal. Take this as your very own bullet journal index of sorts.

But first, here is a list of the most popular bullet journal spreads and bullet journal page ideas:

1. Daily tasks page

2. Bullet journal key

3. Books to read or movies to watch

4. Favorite quotes

5. Weekly meal planner

6. Savings tracker

7. Spending tracker

8. Workout log

9. Weight loss chart

10. Habit tracker

11. Week at a glance

how to start a bullet journal


Image Credit: @Thatjournal

When I came across this bullet journal idea my jaw dropped. The color coordination is PERFECT and its just sooo nice to stare at (imagine creating a log like that for yourself).

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This is an awesome meal planning layout is perfect if you’re trying to be more organized when it comes to what you eat. It’s also great if you have a big family, and can help you keep track of expenses (and have fun creating it while you’re at it). Layout ideas for these types of bullet journal spreads are truy endless, which is one of the reasons why they’re so fun to make.

how to start a bullet journal

Image Credit:

This one from Sarah’s Chapter almost looks like a bullet journal print out its so symmetrical and nice to look at. 🙂

I love the colors she uses for the flowers and it’s a great bullet journal idea if you’re trying to get a bigger picture look at each month. It’s also perfect for spring themes BUJOS.

Bullet Journal Daily Spread - A ton of photos for ideas and inspiration -

Image Credit: Aka.Sinting

If tracking is definitely your thing then this bullet journal spread is the perfect one for you! I can see how it could be usable as a weekly or even a monthly bullet journal spread for all sorts of things in your life.

how to start a bullet journal

Image Credit:

This bullet journal idea is a great example of how you don’t ned absolute structure to succesfully create a spread/layout that works for you and still keeps you organized.

I love how it uses the dotted paper to make sure here lists are generally neat and tidy.

 How to start a bullet journal- best bullet journal notebook

Image Source: @Bujo_nina

I like to think of this one as the perfect bullet journal idea for a minimalist. There isn’t too much going on in the page that it’s overwhelming but it still manages to look like a beautiful piece of art.

I love the blue tone of the flowers and the nice touch of playfulness they can add to an otherwise plain calendar spread.

how to start a bullet journal bill tracker


Image Credit:

If you’re looking for a bullet journal bill tracker I can’t think of any other one that will do for inspiration than this one. It’s so clean and put together. You definitely won’t miss a due date with this BUJO idea. It’s a genius bullet journal idea organization idea if you ask me.

 How to start a bullet journal- best bullet journal notebook

Image Source: @Mylittlejournalblog

Oh, watercolors! They’re a great way to make sure your bullet journal has a bit of artistic personality to it. It can also be so stress relieving to create an organized layout that includes lots of color and careful illustration.

I absolutely love the watermelon colors.

how to start a bullet journal

Image Credit:

Here is yet another beautiful idea for a bullet journal habit tracker. It’s a great way to measure what you are and aren’t doing enough of (like keeping off social media and other time-consuming habits).

how to start a bullet journal

Image Credit:

I really can’t think of a more perfect way to track ll of your diet and exercise progress than with a daily bullet journal spread (or even a weekly bullet journal spread an work too).

This one is a perfect example of an endless list of BUJO ideas!

how to start a bullet journal

Image Credit: Unknown

This bullet journal idea reminds me of the Google calendar spread that you can use online. It’s an organized and pretty way to make sure you’re making it to all your appointments on time and not overlapping meetings.

In terms of awesome bullet journal ideas, this one makes it into my top five bullet journal ideas.

how to start a bullet journal

Image Source:

Can we take a minute to gawk at the hand lettering of this BUJo spread?? It’s simply beautiful and you can tell they used nice pens to make it all happen.

I love the flower in the corner because it adds a lot more personality and colors!

how to start a bullet journal

Image Source: Breeeberry

Here is another beautiful weekly spread by Breeeberry. The color combination is absolutely gorgeous. And it goes on to say that you don’t need to be an absolute artist to make your bullet journal creations nice and neat. With some bullet journal supplies like bright colors and a ruler for straight lines, you can be well on your way to bullet journal awesomeness.

As a side note, you can always make your own bullet journal and create your own bullet journal stamps. You don’t necessarily have to buy the bullet journal notebook if you can’t quite afford it.

how to start a bullet journal

Image Source:

I still can’t decide between all of these but this one is definitely one that stands out to me as a favorite on the bullet journal ideas list. It’s a beautiful bullet journal monthly spread.

I love the exact edges each section had and how they’ve been carefully outlined. If you notice, they use grid paper, which is another great alternative to dotted paper that you can use to bullet journal.

That’s especially true if you love tracking.

 How to start a bullet journal- best bullet journal notebook

Image Source:

I love the neon pink and yello of this spread. It goes on to show that the combinations are endless and there is absolutely no limit with what you can do with bullet journals. A bullet journal for work tasks can be a great way to destress while keeping on top of your daily duties.

This one especially reminds me of a planner.

 How to start a bullet journal- best bullet journal notebook

Image Source:

Here is another great example of how you can use grid paper successfully create a bullet journal weekly spread. It also shows how you can use sticky notes to add a special touch to the page.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread // These tips and tricks will help make your move into a new bullet journal feel seamless and stress-free, even in the middle of the month!

Image Source:

I absolutely LOVE the strong colors in this one, it makes the whole layout stand out! This calendar type bullet journal idea is another great way to organize yourself.

You’re basically creating your own planner in a way (and in the colors) that work for you. It’s absolute BUJO bliss. 🙂

how to start a bullet journal

Image Source:

I love this ‘NO Hustle list’ idea. It helps you to slow down and reminds you to take care of yourself better by napping, stopping to meditate and pray, and just taking in the moment.

This is a great mental health bullet journal idea spread for sure.

I love the floral accents of this weekly journal spread. I still haven’t made up my mind if I like monthly bullet journal planning or weekly bullet journal planning.

Both of them have their pros and cons but the best part is that I get to artistically express myself and de stress.

When it comes to original bullet journal ideas, this one blew my mind. I love the scaley mermaid type of accents it has.Doesn’t it make you just want to keep staring at it?

I can’t even imagine wanting to write anything on there, I’d probably want to frame it, ha. 🙂

This buller journal spread has a ton of awesome things in it I don’t even know where to start. I love the colorful border and the flowers ( I think they were cut out?)

I love how everything is snug in it so next time you look through your journal its almost like an adventure since you’ll be surprised by all the things you find written.

Now, not every page has to have some sort of organizational theme to it, take a whole page and fill it with an awesome illustration, like ‘Yu Bullet Journal’ did here!

It’s a breath of fresh BUJO air and a nice way to add meaningful art to your bullet journal.

Here’s yet another way to use watercolor in a creative way. It’s also where a pair of sticky notes would come in handy too.

I love how each color blends into each other and creates a nice soft background to organize all your thoughts on. Pure BUJO genius.

Wanna coordinate all the colors you own? There is a BUJo spread for that, haha.

This is still another way to get organized and let out your creativity. I love how everything is nice and straight.

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💛💙 blues and yellows, an odd but satisfying combo💧

A post shared by Brian Qian (@studywithinspo) on

I really like the white space in this bullet journal and how it makes everything look even prettier. When it comes to trying out bullet journal ideas, this is one to try for sure.

It’ll give you a better idea of how space can work to your advantage when getting BUJO organized.

Isn’t this December spread the prettiest? I love how each section is divided by numbers (you’ll miss it if you don’t look close). This specific bullet journal spread is by my fellow BUJO friend Rachel at Planning Mindfully, who has a whole blog dedicated to creating and maintaining your own bullet journal.

You should definitely check her Instagram and blog out for more gorgeous bullet journal inspo!

AREN’T BUTTERFLY BUJOS GORGEOUS?! Sorry, I just had to shout that. But they are, I’m not sure if they are watercolored it but hey, it’s yet another bullt journal idea to inspire your own creations!

Tired of drawing the same old things on your bullet journals? Create some bubbles, they look easier to make than they are but with some practice you can start filling your BUJO with bubbles!

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the power of a black pen

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Here is a bullet journal idea for all my vintage loving friends. This spread reminds me of like fall and the 70’s for some reason ( I think its the colors).

The image is so nice and I love the hand drawn flower in it!

So this isn’t really a bullet journal entry but I found it and thought it’d be a great way to end this bullet journal ideas list. Check out the Instagram for more gorgeous illustrations ( I probably stayed scrolling for a little too long).

Bullet Journal Ideas Are Endless

I think I’d break my site if I tried to include all the awesome bullet journal ideas I found online. Hopefully, this list inspires you to start your own and it takes the anxiety away from actually starting your own BUJO.

Whether you choose to start with a legit bullet journal dotted notebook or just a cheap bullet journal, the key is starting and making it a habit. There is plenty of inspiration to take away from his beautiful list of bullet journal collections.

You definitely don’t need a fancy notebook to learn how to start a bullet journal the right way.

Was there a bullet journal idea that stuck out to you the most? One that you’ll try on your own journal? A bullet journal discount I should know about? Make sure you let me know below!

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