Blackberry Body Scrub DIY Exfoliant

Blackberry sugar scrubI think at this point I can admit I’m a bit body scrub crazy.

I mean I’ve made a ton of them and only want to keep making more. The combinations of colors. flavors, and essential oils is endless!

One of the cool things about sugar scrubs is that they make great gifts that are actually useful and smell great.

Depending on how you package your scrubs, you could make some awe-inspiring creations to give away (or keep for yourself).

Le’t dive into everything it takes to create this blackberry body scrub.

Why a blackberry body scrub?

Blackberry sugar scrub

Why the heck not! Is probably the proper answer to that.

But more seriously, there are lots of fruits you can use to create some pretty amazing smelling sugar scrubs.

A blackberry sugar scrub is just a way to deviate from the norm and try something new, especially if you love blackberries.

Keep in mind this blackberry scrub can be used for lips, for your face, and for your whole body.

Just make sure you rinse it off well once you’re in the shower and rinse thoroughly. This sugar scrub doesn’t use any dyes. So the color you see in the picture is pure color from the berries! And so far, in my experience, the scrub doesn’t leave any color on your skin when you use it and then rinse it off right after.

So you’re on the safe side there.

Coconut oil Vs. Honey, which one to use in your sugar scrubs?

I feel like I see this question often and for good reason. When it comes to these two ingredients, you’ve gotta know what you like using better.

Which means you might have to spend some time experimenting with both.

I personally love using honey over coconut oil because it leaves a different feeling on my skin. It’s an overall cleaner and softer feeling and I prefer that over coconut oil, which can sometimes get greasy.

But there are definitely people who prefer coconut oil. Like I said, you have to try out both to see what you like best.

If you’re getting one or the other though, try getting the organic version of each.

I love using the Organic Manuka Honey or the Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil if I’m using coconut oil.

Blackberry sugar scrub supplies

Blackberry sugar scrub supplies

For this sugar scrub you’ll need:

  • 3 blackberries
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • A cup and a third of sugar (you can always useless if you’re making less scrub)

You’ll want to blend the berries in a small blender with a bit of water.

For this is ALWAYS always always use this Oster blender. I seriously LOVE this thing. I use it almost every single morning to make my morning smoothie that keeps me filled for hours while I work on creating blog posts.

Now that I think about it, I might just create a post on my super secret morning smoothie recipe (okay maybe not so secret but still tasty).

Ever since an ex roommate introduced me to the on the go Oster blender I’ve never looked at buying anything else (like that expensive magic bullet stuff). I’d most definitely recommend an Oster blender if you’re a smoothie maker (and hey, sugar scrub maker too, ha) like myself! And it’s also NOT crazy expensive like other stuff out there. Which is, quite frankly, berry lovely (no pun intended).

Once you’ve blended your berries (they don’t have to be perfectly blended only made into a type of mush) add them to your sugar along with the honey and start mixing it.

Make sure you mix your sugar scrub well so all the ingredients mix in throughout.

To get the exact recipe for this sugar scrub just scroll down to either read it or print it for yourself!

Blackberry body scrub how to make it homemade

How long will your blackberry sugar scrub last in the fridge?

I’d say give it about a week or not, no longer than that but definitely less if you need to.

This is always the magic question with sugar scrubs and I feel like it simply depends on the ingredients you use and how clean your keep your sugar scrub mix.

Once your sugar scrub has been in the fridge for a while, you’ll notice the mix will start to meld together and kind of melt. This shouldn’t worry you.

You can take a bit of your mix and if it isn’t exfoliating enough for you simply add a bit of fresh sugar to bring it back to life.

Some people find they LOVE the melty consistency and how it leaves their skin. You’ll have to try it out to see what you personally prefer!

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Blackberry Body Scrub

Here's how to make an easy DIY Blackberry Body Scrub that's easy and fun!


  • 3 Blackberries
  • 1 1/3 Cup White granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp. water
  • 1 tsp. Organic honey


  • In a small blender, mix your blackberries and water until broken down and blended. There can be small bits and pieces of unblended berries in the mix, that's ok. If anything, it adds texture and personality to your sugar scrub!
  • Then pour it into a bowl with your sugar and honey.
  • Spend some time mixing it until it mixes well.
  • Laddle into a small container and refrigerate for a week.


This recipe makes one small mason jar container's worth of sugar scrub. To make less, cut the recipe in half.

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Blackberry sugar scrub

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