Bullet Journal Key— Here’s How To Keep Your BUJO Perfectly Organized

bullet journal key ideasIf your bullet journal is cluttered and disorganized, your answer is a bullet journal key.

Once you get all your appointments, lists, and important things to remember, things start getting a little jumbled.

That’s where a bullet journal key can help you make the best of your bullet journal as you keep it organized and free of clutter.

Ways to create a bullet journal key:

There are endless ways to create a personal bullet journal key that works for you and your journaling goals. Most of us have families and busy schedules so a key can be a great way to organize all of it in our journals!

The general idea of a BUJO is intentional living, sometimes we need to make the effort towards that bit of extra organization to get us through each day.

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Lost of fellow Bujoers like to go into detail with their keys. I personally like to keep mine simple, that way I avoid clutter in the long run as I add more and more pages and find cool new ways to track the important things in my journal.

Simply designate a page where you can write down and designate general color codes and symbols for your whole journal.

Create a bullet journal key bookmark that you can use as a place holder in your journal to pick up where you left off.

Don’t Know Where To Start? 

If you’re here it’s probably because you want to start a bullet journal!

If so, check out the The Bullet Journal Starter Kit.

It’s a pre-made bullet journal for beginners. Perfect if you think you don’t want to spend a lot of time drawing monthly or weekly layouts. 

It’s a steal of 80 BEAUTIFUL pages to help keep your life on track!

Or third, you can make a ‘fold open’ key in one of the first few pages to add some dimension and creativity to your journal.

There’s lots of examples you can look at for bullet journal key inspiration. Here is an awesome and simple bullet journal key guide to help you create the perfect key (make sure you pin it to your favorite bullet journal board! 🙂

Here is the original bullet journal key by Ryder Carroll. It’s simple and helps you get the job done just the same. Remember, you can always personalize your bullet journal to fit your needs. It’s all about making it work for your unique tasks.

A dot signifies a task

A small circle signifies an event

a dash signifies a note

A right arrow signifies a migration

A star signifies importance

And an X signifies completed

how to start a bullet journal, bullet journal key signifiers

Below I’ve listed out about 15 GORGEOUS bullet journal key examples that can help you create your own unique key! So, here is how to keep your BUJO pages perfectly organized—

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Create a bookmark key

bullet journal key idea

Via Teal Notes

This is one of my own creations I basically came up with on a whim. After searching through TONS of bullet journal key ideas I decided to create my own (I think I might create a post on how to make one). It doubles are a placeholder and a bullet journal key for when you need to go back and remember what you color coded.

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Create a themed bullet journal key

31 Awesome Bullet Journal Keys! | My Inner Creative

Via Its_Stefh

This Bullet journal key is super creative and found a fun way to incorporate tetris into it’s key. If you’d like to go the extra mile, you could totally try something like that for your journal.

Create a divider bujo key

Bullet Journal Key | How to Start a Bullet Journal At Any Time - Part 2 | Zen of Planning

Via Simply In Control

This is probably one of my favorite bullet journal key ideas since its more than just a page but more of a bookmark. Its an awesome key idea that can help you organize each page of your journal with a color code.

Simple keys work too


Via Pica-ae

Have fun with your key!

This awesome bujo key is a Reddit gem that shows you a super simple way to create a bullet journal key with symbols and colors without being too overwhelming. Looking at how straight, neat, and to the point it is just makes we want to go off and start another bullet journal key!

Via Partymazing

This bullet journal key uses symbols to track appointments and water intake and I’m in love with how bright and colorful it is!

Create a fold out bullet journal key

bullet journal key with colors #bujokey #bulletjournal

Via Greenish Planning

This is a cute idea of a color coded key on a card is yet another way to create a bullet journal key to keep your journal in order.

Create a key around one color


With your key page you can get creative with how you choose to organize each section of your journal but you can also get creative with your lettering and make it extra pretty.

Unleash your key creativity


When you create your key, you can make simple symbols to designate things such as ‘to do’ or ‘urgent’ or ‘important’.

Use an actual key theme

The perfect bullet journal key page!

Via Loashleydoodles

I just had to include this bullet journal key page in this roundup because…well the key is so darn pretty! You can always use a combination of both colors and symbols to complete your personal key.

Simple color coded circles can go a long way

Bullet journal key

Via My_Blue_Sky_Design

Use colorful filled in bubbles to color code different sections of your bullet journal like this one from My Blue Sky Design. It’s still very pretty but more on the simple side.

Create a minimalist key

31 Awesome Bullet Journal Keys! | My Inner Creative

Via My Inner Creative

If you’re a minimalist, this bullet journal key is for you. It keeps color to a minimum and doesn’t use too much extra decoration. Pretty nice if you don’t like clutter.

Make it natured theme

Via Bullet Journal

Add some cool animal illustrations to your bullet journal key to jazz it up a bit. I love the symbols they used for this key! They are super creative and expressive.

Sometimes simple is better


Keep things to a minimum when it comes to making your key. That way you’ll make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Sometimes specific is better

Via My_BulletJoural_Journey

You can always get really detailed with your bullet journal and make your key really specific. This bullet journal key has a key for the weather, their habit tracker, and even medical entries.

Use both colors and icons in your key

Bullet Journal to Increase Productivity. Focus on minimal bullet journal layouts and planning pages.

Via Page Flutter

This bullet journal key idea is a reminder that your key doesn’t have to be perfect or completely symmetrical. You can make it your own and be as relaxed with it as you want.

Let your inner artist out


Fill your bullet journal key with lots of color and flowers! Why not? A bullet journal can be made to be fun AND helpful. A total win win.

Get creative with your icons

a sample bullet journal key with unique symbols

Via Wellella

Create a bullet journal key with one color only! This is yet another way to keep your bullet journal pages more minimalistic and help you focus on the most important things.

Make a floral key


This bullet journal beauty was probably more of an excuse to be artistic than a bullet journal key, which is totally ok! I mean just look at that array of flowers!

Get organized with your bullet journal key

Now that you’ve been inspired by a TON of beautiful bullet journal key ideas, its time to organize your journal. It’s good practice to start your journal with a key from the very beginning. But if you didn’t thats ok too.

You can always go back and make one for the remaining/existing pages. Happy bullet journaling! 🙂

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