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FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF- Bullet Journal Template

The printable bullet journal habit tracker template is here!

And best of all it’s FREE for you to use. I absolutely loved putting this together for my fellow bullet journalers (if you have no idea what a bullet journal is, here is where you can learn to start your own bullet journal for beginners).

There are lots of things you can track with a habit tracker and many people use them in lots of different ways to help improve their lives.

Some Great Ways To Use Your Habit Tracker Are:

  • bullet journal monthly spreads
  • bullet journal weekly spread
  • exercise log
  • sleep log
  • reading log
  • movie log
  • food log
  • medication tracker
  • meal tracker
  • water consumption tracker
  • bullet journal daily log

Your BUJO tracker can help you keep track of everything you need to get done in either a day, a week, or a month (or a year if you really want to take it that far). And can make an awesome addition to your bullet journal pages.

If you’re looking to get some bullet journal practice, or if you aren’t yet ready to buy a full blown bullet journal, download some FREE dot grip paper here to test the waters!

It’s also great paper to practice your lettering and calligraphy.

You’d be surprised once you start tracking your time and what you do with it how much of it you actually waste. Tracking your habits is SO helpful because you get a visual spread of what you do and when.

Looking at things from a big picture perspective makes sure you are making the actual changes you need to make, you keep on tracking your progress to see how those changes do, and then reiterating over and over again.

Once you’ve reiterated a couple of times and formed new habits (which takes a whole lot of discipline) you inevitably improve your life in every which way.

The hardest part is starting and then after starting the hardest part is sticking with your habits. That’s why this habit tracker printable is SO useful. It’s an adaption of a bullet journal habit tracker, so you can print it out and stick in right in your bullet journal or your planner or whatever notebook you use to keep your plans and goals in order.

One of my favorite authors on habits, James Clear, writes about the importance of creating habits and getting rid of old ones that aren’t helpful to you. He actually likes the use of habit trackers himself too, and says its a great tool for anyone trying to create big and positive changes in their life.

Talking about habits, one GREAT habit to create is keeping a bullet journal. If you don’t know what a bullet journal is or how to get started, here is a list of all my bullet journal resources so you can create your own and organize your life better. Bullet journals are a life changer!

89 Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Inspire Your Next Entry

How To Start A Bullet Journal: All The Tools And Ideas You Need

How To Create Your Bullet Journal Key

Bullet Journal Set Up: How I Set Up My Bullet Journal For Your Inspiration

FREE Dot Grid Paper To Get Started Bullet Journaling

If you’re still at a loss for ideas on what to track, here is a big list of things you can track with your bullet journal habit tracker template (which you can download below)

FREE Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Template, habit tracker bullet journal, habit tracker printable

This habit tracker is the standard letter size and is designed horizontally for more space.

You can even print out a couple to give to your friends and family! It’s a great bullet journal template if you don’t feel like making your own.

The habit tracker can make a great part of your bullet journal monthly calendar so you can have all the info you need on your everyday habits to track patterns and improvements in your habits!

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Habit trackers are perfect for helping you reach your goals because they help you see all the small progress you’re making and how it accumulates over time. There are 16 habit slots you can use to track your progress over 31 days, along with a space for notes and reflection at the bottom of each page.

It can be a savvy way to help you stop bad habits or create beneficial new ones.

FREE Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Template, habit tracker bullet journal

free printable habit tracker pdf, habit tracker bullet journal

For a while, I looked for a printable tracker that was beautiful yet functional, but I couldn’t quite find any that I really liked.

so naturally, I decided to make one and thought I’d put it out there as a FREE printable for anyone that would find it useful.

There’s also the simple habit tracker, for anyone who doesn’t like too much color and just wants a simple clean black and white habit tracker pdf they can print at home. You can download that version below too!


Get both the simple and the colorful habit tracker to track your progress and reach your goals.


FREE Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Template, habit tracker bullet journal, habit tracker printable

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If You Loved The Habit Tracker, You’ll Love This Planner

habit tracker bullet journal, habit tracker printable pdf, free habit tracker, habit tracker printable

The Organized Life Planner is what I use to keep my life organized with the seemingly millions of things I have to get done each week. I like to think of it as a pre-made bullet journal. Because every single page is useful for some area in your life, whether that is budgeting, home maintenance, savings goals, important passwords and contacts and so much more.

Plus the colors add some much needed brightness to life. Because who doesn’t love colors? 😊

The Organized Life Planner is a steal of more than 50 BEAUTIFUL pages to help keep your life on track.



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