How To Get Rid Of Clutter And Organize Your Home

How To Get Rid Of Clutter And Organize Your Home

For many people, learning how to get rid of clutter can be life-changing.

For others, it’s manageable but they’d like it better if it just magically disappeared.

The two usual reasons that your clutter exist is because you are either too emotionally attached to everything or you keep moving it further down your to-do list.

But managing your clutter and learning to keep it that way is absolutely satisfying. The secret is in making it as easy as possible for you to tackle it.

And it all starts with making a conscious decision to get rid of it once and for all because your life will improve and your home will be so much better off because of it.

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I think the very first step in organizing your clutter is making a decision, instead of approaching your clutter without previous warning and trying to guilt yourself into cleaning it.

I drew a quick diagram here as a visual image to help you break down your clutter and take care of it piece by piece.

How To Get Rid Of Clutter And Organize Your Home

The basic steps to a successful decluttering session are:

  1. Make an ultra mega solid decluttering decision (I’m exaggerating here but you get the point)
  2. Break it up into smaller piles of similar things
  3. Go through each mini pile and throw away any broken, old, useless stuff 
  4. take whats left and compartmentalize it in bins, shelves, and DIY storage (which I’ll share with you in a bit)

A little at a time adds up

To help and inspire you to get your clutter under control, here are 11 de-cluttering hacks to help you make it a reality.

One of the main ways to learn to handle your clutter is learning the best ways to compartmentalize things that are easy to use. Let’s look at some examples.

Simple de-cluttering ideas

Here are some simple decluttering ideas that might help you when you’re trying to figure out what to do with the stuff you do decide to keep.

Use dividers for pots and pans

Using dividers to keep your clunky kitchen stuff as neat as possible is a great easy idea to organize. It also works well for tupperware. All the loose lids start adding up eventually, why not use a rack for them?

Use baskets on a pegboard

This is the perfect ninja combo of organization. Just some old baskets and some pegboard to hang them on and voila, you have a rustic makeshift storage shelf you can put in your basement or in your garage.

Keep your ornaments safely in one place

This is a genius way to keep your ornaments in one place without getting squished or lost. All you have to do is get some pegs to hang your ornaments on in a plastic bin. 

Use a fruit hanger for your toys or toiletries

Place all your loose toys in a fruit hanger. no more tripping over toys in the middle of the night after hanging this in the family bathroom. You can also use it for makeup, toiletries, or small towels folded neatly.

Use small pod holders

Use stickable holders on the backs of cabinets/doors to add an extra storage space for smaller items. It’s a great cheap way to multiply space.

Use a hanger and curtain rings

WIth a hanger and some shower rings it’s pretty cool what you can organize. Everything from scarfs to tank tops to even hats. You can use these your your personal closet, in the basement, or even in the kitchen with your aprons/cleaning towels.

Use DIY high shelving

If you really want to get hands-on with your decluttering challenge, consider these tall shelves to keep misc items in any given room. They make great bookshelves that aren’t necessarily in your way because you are using space to your advantage by building up.

Use a hook and chain for your hose

This is the perfect solution to coiling and tangled hoses and anything else that might get tangled in your garden or in your garage. Just use a hook and some chain to saddle it up once you’re done with it.

Use a paper towel dispenser for ribbons

This is a quirky wuick fix for all crafters out there. If you tend to collect ribbons, use a paper towel dispenser to keep all of them within reach in one place. It can also work for washi tape and yarn.

Get smart with your drawers

This is yet another example of building up if you don’t have space to build horizontally. Dresser drawers under your bed is a great way to save space and use them to keep your loose items, shoes, or winter clothes during the summer. What’s great is that there are plenty of tutorials out there that teach you how to put one together.

Get your makeup in check

Makeup can be a huge contributor to clutter. But with a few organizers that you can get at the dollar store for a couple of dollars, you can make sure you get your mountains of makeup under pretty control. 🙂

Store your hats in plain sight as decor

This one caught my eye right away. If you’re a hat or even a basket collector make it a point to store them by displaying them in plain view at the same time. It’s pure design genius, using your clutter to beautify your living space.

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Use round shelving for storage

Cylinders on a wall to organize any given items is a nice cheeky way to handle organizing and decluttering. It keeps any given room look put together and can even give it a pop of color if you decide to color them. Look more into how to put it together here.

Use decorated plastic bins

To make decluttering a little craftier, you can take a huge plastic bin and cover it with (is it called twill?) or really any other pretty material you choose, like ribbon. Get the complete tutorial here.

Create your own tiered organizers

This is a spin on the traditional wooden tiered organizers you might see floating around on Pinterest. It’s made out of kitchenware instead and gives it a really pretty spin. You can check out the image source on a complete tutorial on how to make one. They are especially great for your bathroom for your makeup or your kitchen.

Store your knives within wood skewers

When I found this collage I knew I had to include it. Especially because of the makeshift knife holder with a cup and just some wooden skewers. Also, hanging your cleaning supplies on a pipe inside your sink cabinet is a great cleaning product decluttering idea.

Use hooks for utensils

If you want to skip the traditional way to keep your kitchen utensils simply stick some hooks on the inside of a designated cabinet and hang them up. It’s also a great way to airdry your utensils by putting them away at the same time.

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