How To Improve Your Life: 17 Life Changing Habits You Need To Try

how to improve your life, life changing habits

Habits. We all have a hard time keeping the good ones.

It’s the bad ones that bring all the pleasure. Problem is that it’s only momentary, and then you’re left with the aftermath— 20 lbs. heavier, a failed exam, 5 late days to work and a warning.

Luckily, there are little changes that don’t have to require tons of willpower and energy that can teach you how to improve your life.

We always seem to fail at adding good routines to our life that will make it better. And mostly it’s because we try to make huge changes way too fast.

And we all know as humans we highly dislike change.

Sometimes it takes baby steps.

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To help your self-development journey, here is a list of positive and seemingly insignificant but brilliant changes to your life that will improve your lifestyle.

1. Make An Alarm Clock Out Of Your Favorite Podcasts

Anything that adds smarts and different ways of thinking to your life with a spin of positivity is a definite win.

A great way to start your day off right in the mornings is with your fave podcast. Being selective about what ideas and thoughts you let in your head is simple yet profoundly life-changing and a doable way to improve your life.

Sure, waking up to your favorite song helps too, but there is something about having someone speak words of encouragement and motivation to you from the start that makes a great difference. Try it!

You can easily do it with apps like Alarm Tunes.

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2. Skip The Coffee And Try This Instead

how to improve your life, life changing habits, drink mate instead of coffee

You either like coffee because it tastes delicious or mostly because of the jolt of energy that helps wake you up after a greasy burrito lunch.

But, it never hurts to venture out and try something new, like Mate. It has more caffeine per brew than coffee, tastes delicious, and on top of that has tons of health benefits to it, it’s the Argentinian’s best-kept secret.

Mate happens to be a supremely healthy alternative to coffee while giving you the same caffeinated effects.

It can easily be added to your daily routine (especially for the after-lunch slump).

The best quality mate blend that I’m obsessed with and that high performers like Tim Ferris use is this one here, by Cruz De Malta.

Go ahead and try Mate as a healthier alternative and see if you’ll ditch the coffee!

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3. Send A Midday Text of Encouragement to A Friend

You want to learn how to be happy? While it’s a loaded question with a million viable answers, here is a simple start:

Hands down one of the best ways to be encouraged and happy is to GIVE encouragement.

It feels great to be able to cheer someone on in their own life’s journey and focuses your attention off your own problems and

Why not take a few minutes to send a sweet text to a faraway friend? Or a friend that might be struggling through something?

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There is definitely a good feeling to sharing positivity. So don’t be stingy on it. It only takes a few seconds!

4. Commit to This Number of Yoga Poses A Day

Ugh. Exercising is a pain. But not when all you have to do is three little yoga poses a day…to start with.

By starting small and making a mini yoga routine a habit, you’ll make it easier to transition into heavier workouts in the morning.

Here is a list of 6 poses you can pick from to help you start your mini yoga routine.

5. Read 5 Small Pages Of…

Ok. Maybe if you’re not a reader this can be reduced to three pages a day.

But reading something substantial from a favorite book every day makes sure to keep your brain sharp, keeps you learning something new every day.

It’s also a great way to slowly work your way through your reading list for the year!

I’m currently interested in reading Bold by Peter Diamandis. I’ve heard too many good things about it to pass it up as my next read.

6. Personalize A Morning Drink the Night Before

how to improve your lifeThis one is a BIG one that can be a huge change between feeling headachey and drowsy and feeling awake.

A purposeful morning drink can be as simple as a glass full of water in the early morning before breakfast, or a bit fancier with lemon slices and honey.

The point is getting hydrated and finding creative ways to do so. You can even try a berry infused morning drink (super tasty).

If you don’t want to take the time to drink some at home, you can take it on the go with a fruit infuser water bottle like this one (yeah, they’re a thing).

7. Journal On A Writing Pad In Order To…

Quick journaling on a simple pad like this simple one is a great way to put your thoughts in order on the go.

This can be great for break times and times when you’re waiting at the DMV.

The benefits of journaling are endless, but I think the one that stands out the most is that you get to clear your head, kind of like taking a walk, except without the exercise.

The key is making it portable and non-fancy, that way you can scribble whatever thoughts you have on it without worrying about keeping it looking nice.

8. Keep A Self Improvement Money Jar And…

how to improve your life

This can be a great small way to motivate yourself to improve your life. Keep a self-improvement money jar to keep spare change and the occasional dollar bills.

It’s a genius passive way to improve yourself without making a huge effort all at once.

When It’s built up enough, change your coins to cash and invest it in something that will benefit you— like a book you’ve had your eye on, Mate, or a supplement you’ve been wanting to try.

Just don’t spend it on ice cream…leave that for the grocery run.

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9. Ditch Your Cell Phone For Half A Day

Once you get over the habit of constantly checking for texts and notifications, ditching your phone and completely forgetting about it becomes a breeze— and damn good for your mental health.

Try practicing to let go of your phone and focus on what you’re doing at the moment. It’ll make for more mindfulness.

10. Take Deep Breathing Breaks

Deep breathing helps your body feel more at peace at let go of anxiety. It’s almost like meditating while you go about your day, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Try deep breathing every time you get some free time to focus on your breathing patterns.

11. Small Doses of This Helps You Be More Present

Small doses of self-awareness help you become a more present person the more you practice it. I’m personally big on self-awareness and I think it helps you become a kinder person because you are more aware of your actions and how they affect others.

Practicing self-awareness can be as simple as being more present and noticing the small day to day decisions you are constantly making.

12. One Corner at A Time Wins The Race

Think about cleaning your room this way. If you organize one corner of your room in the evenings or early in the morning, by the end of the week, you’ll have a tidy room to spend the weekend in.

Pure genius broken down into bite-sized baby steps.

If you’re at a loss for genius organization hacks, here are some posts you can check out for inspiration:

13. Write and Tack Your To-Do List Here

Put your to-do list on your dresser mirror where you can see it. That way you make sure you don’t miss anything and you’re motivated because you have a written action plan down.

14. Stretching Lying Down For 5 Mins Helps You Do This

how to improve your lifeIf you need help beating the temptation of rolling over and hitting the snooze button then stretching might be a good way to prevent that.

It helps wake you up as you spend an extra 5 minutes in bed before having to jump out and start your day.

15. Play A Small Memory Game

Memory games are always a great way to improve your memory, keep your mind on its feet and keep from getting complacent. Memory apps or trying to recall things from memory can help make sure those neurons don’t atrophy.

16. Give Yourself A Review

Throughout the week, even on a day to day basis, it’s easy to forget about all the good things you got done that day. It’s always a good idea to do it right before bed, or even early in the morning if you’re an early riser.

17. Hunt and Gather In Your Own Fridge

ways to improve your life with small habitsSometimes laziness gets the best of us and we don’t eat well because it’s a lot easier to heat up the pizza. But it’s a good tactic to take a few extra minutes to put quick foods together, like fruit or veggie salads.

That way healthy food is also available to grab and go.

Small Ways To Improve Your Life Are Effective

Taking small steps to better yourself definitely add up. Sometimes it just takes a little extra intention to improve your life in the long term.

Are there any routines you do that help you live a better person overall? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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