How to Organize Your Life: 11 Smart Ways to Make Life More Livable

How to Organize Your Life: 11 Smart Ways to Make Life More Livable

how to organize your life

If you constantly forget appointments, are late, and never seem to get anything done, you might need to step back and learn how to organize your life.

Thankfully, organized people are not born, they’re made. And while you might think you aren’t inherently an organizer, you can still take little steps to create less stress.

The first step to becoming organized is creating the habits that will get you there.

James Clear, one of my favorite writers on creating good habits, says “your life today is essentially a sum of your habits.”

His book, Atomic Habits, helps you see how creating good habits and breaking bad habits can come easy to you once you realize what it takes.

One of my favorite ways he describes creating a good habit is “Make it obvious, make it easy, make it attractive, make it satisfying.”

So, the key to becoming more organized and making your life even just a bit more livable is making it as easy as possible to do.

This might mean allowing yourself to make mistakes when you do certain things or just being a bit more organized than you were yesterday.

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Now, to help you do this, lets look at all the way you can improve your lifestyle and give yourself more time to breathe.

Take 10 minutes to yourself every waking day

This is an easy way to get organized, though not in the way you might first think.

Giving yourself ten minutes during the day makes sure you don’t wake up with a cluttered jumble of a million things you have to get done that day.

Taking 10 minutes to start the day off in a healthy mental state can do wonders for the rest of the day. This might mean taking time for a guided meditation for you, or it might mean journaling or prayer. It’s all up to you and how you function best. But what matters is making it a daily practice without fail.

Your mind will thank you.

Jot down a quick journal the night before

how to organize your life

This one has been a life saver for me many times over.

Jotting down a quick list of things I’m going to do tomorrow helps me declutter the jumble of responsibilities that are constantly running through my mind.

In a way it also serves as a small way to journal, as you write your thoughts down for tomorrow. Once I’m done, written either on a scrap piece of paper or a designated notepad, I’m at peace about what my day will look like tomorrow, and I won’t spend the whole morning trying to figure out what to get done first.

If you want to take it a step further, try visualizing how your day will go the night before, it will help you with the planning and ‘get-it-done’ attitude you’re cultivating. 😊

Declutter every day for two little minutes

Confession time: If I’m not careful the empty plates in my workspace start to pile up.

But if I take just two minutes out of my day to walk them over to the sink and rinse them my workspace is just a tad less cluttered…which then makes me want to organize the pile of books over in the corner, which then leads me to find some papers I can shred…and it goes on like that.

You don’t have to spend HOURS every day decluttering, but even two minutes a day of decluttering can make sure your living space stays more or less tidy.

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Remember, allow yourself to not have to reach perfection. Perfection is not the aim, improvement is. And when you focus on improvement instead of some perfect (and let’s face it, often out of reach) goal then you’ll likely grow discourage and not even get half of one thing done.

Create a healthy drink cocktail the night before

how to organize your life

I LOVE creating healthy drink cocktails. Either the night before or early the day of, doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get in the habit of doing it.

Waking up and knowing I’ve got a healthy shake, or energizing morning drink to help me get through the day serves as an awesome motivator in helping me get out of my cozy sheets.

Some healthy drink cocktails you can create for your mornings are:

Create your own daily systems

Try to think of your day to day doings like small systems.

Instead of leaving your mornings and evenings at the mercy of whatever happens that day, have a small plan so you know how you will be spending your time during those crucial hours.

For example, a system could be as simple as waking up in the morning, designating ten quiet and peaceful minutes to yourself, creating your morning drink/coffee, and doing a few stretches before heading out the door.

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This might take a little bit of thinking. Don’t be afraid to whip out a notepad and scribble down a quick list of things you’d like to get done every morning that you already know would make your day easier!

Give everything a place it can call home

I like to create stations. If I know I use something, or a few related things often, I’ll make a place for them to be. This can mean never losing your car keys again because you have a little spot you created to keep them in.

Or it might mean you have a home binder that you use to keep all your important dates and passwords. This might sound like something tedious to do but it works!

I’m constantly having to remind myself of passwords and bits and pieces of information that I would’ve been better off writing down. A home binder or journal takes care of that!

If everything has a place it calls home, you don’t have to constantly think about where you left something, and it actually gets harder to lose things.

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Personalize your alarm clock

There’s nothing better than waking up to a pleasant sound that isn’t your usual alarm clock going off like crazy.

There are some alarm apps out there that can help you automatically wake up with your favorite podcast or your favorite radio station.

Do a little research to see which app aligns with your personal taste better, so you can wake up to an upbeat morning instead of waking up to the annoying generic alarm sound.

Adopt meal prep Sundays

how to organize your life with meal prep

This is one of if not THE best ways to make sure you have extra time and energy for other things (like hitting the gym for example) during the week.

Meal prepping helps you organize your life SO much because it makes sure you have a nice and healthy homemade meal each day that you’ve prepped head on Sunday.

It’s such a great time save that I wrote a COMPLETE post on how to get started with meal prepping.

It’s most definitely a must read if you’re trying to create make ahead meals for yourself so you aren’t tempted to run out and grab fast food. It’ll also saves you tons of money on your grocery bill. It’s a double win-win!

Budget + change your billing dates if possible

Making it a point to keep all the receipts you get during the month is a genius way to make sure balancing your budget at the end of the month and seeing where you’re spending all your money on a monthly basis.

SIDE NOTE: Check out our budgeting printables HERE designed to help you get a better grip of your finances.

One great way to make sure you aren’t being late on your monthly bill payments, whether that’s credit cards, insurance, or otherwise is to make a quick phone call to see if they’re willing to change the due dates for you. I’ve personally done this with both my insurance and credit card to ensure my bill due dates were close together and therefore harder to miss.

Learning how to organize your life is life changing

Yes, being more organized seems like a basic life skill but its surprising how many of us struggle with it on a daily basis.

Learning a few hacks and tips to better go about your day can only help you unclutter and make your life less of an overall mess. Contrary to popular belief, keeping general things in order gives you more freedom instead of constraining you. And that’s a beautiful thing!

Any tips and hacks to make life more livable worth sharing, make sure to leave a comment below!

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