DIY Galaxy Bookmarks With Free Printable Templates

This year I’m trying to get serious about reading more.

Yeah Kindle is cool and all, but I still prefer paper books. I’m not sure about you, but I hate the thought of staring at yet another screen to get my reading in for the day.

My eyes are already strained enough from staring at a computer screen for what seems like forever. And that’s why I went out of my way to create a few printable bookmark ideas for the bookworms that still love physical books.

Besides that, I’m a sucker for a simple yet cute DIY idea I can put together in a few minutes that is both beautiful and useful. I’ve slowly been growing a huge collection of free templates on the blog for all kinds of things, namely, meal planning, planner printables, bookmark templates, invitation templates, printable tags, and a ton more. 🙂

This printable template is pretty simple, you’ll only need a few things to put it together.

[ingredients title=”Supplies”] [/ingredients]

DIY galaxy paper bookmarks

DIY Galaxy Bookmarks Printable Template

This DIY bookmark idea is pretty easy and doesn’t take much to put together. That’s part of why I like them so much.

[directions title=”Directions”]
  1. First cut out your templates and your star charm
  2. Then glue both your templates together with your glue stick so your bookmark is double sided.
  3. Then hole punch both your star charm and your bookmark
  4. Then thread your DIY tassel (again you can find the tutorial on how to make one here) through the hole punch along with your star charm
  5. And TADA! You’ve got yourself a pretty cool homemade bookmark that’ll hopefully help you get more reading done.

I absolutely LOVE spending time creating different patterned paper like this galaxy design that you can use for lots of things.

I’ve listed a nifty printable set of 12 different uniquely patterned paper you can use for your DIY planner, for more template cutouts or DIY ideas of your own. You can get it here! 


DIY Galaxy Bookmarks Printable Template

More Printable Bookmark Ideas

DIY Bookmark Where You Can Keep Track Of Your Yearly Reading List!

Once I finished coming up with this printable bookmark template I couldn’t stop trying to use them any way I could. You can choose a free printable template out of three different ones that best match your personality to create your bookmarks. And yes, they’re free templates!

DIY Fruit Bookmarks With Free Printable Template

These fruit bookmarks were absolutely fun to make and are bursting with color. If you LOVE bright things it’ll definitely be worth putting this DIY bookmark template together. And it also comes with free templates!

DIY Feather Bookmarks With Free Printable Template

I’m not quite sure how I came up with this idea but once I finished a few bookmarks I new I had to put them up on the blog. With a free template, you can easily put together your own feather bookmarks in no time.

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