DIY Bookmark With Book List Pocket

DIY Bookmark template | Bookmark with a "book list pocket" | Teal NotesOn any given year, how many books would you say you read?

If you’ve answered ZERO for any one of your recent years then you’re not alone. It can be hard to start and stick to reading habit. Because it feels like something you HAVE to do instead of GET to do.

And today I finally finished creating my bookmarks with a ‘book list’ pocket. And I must say, just looking at them makes me want to get back to reading (currently reading Austin Kleon’s Steal Like An Artist).

As usual (hey, I love my job) I had a ton of fun creating and making many versions of this bookmark until I got it juuuuussssssttt right.

And now I’m excited to share it with you too!

DIY bookmark with list pocket

The first thing I had to get right for these bookmark templates was the size for each part of it and making sure it all lined up.

When you download your template below (the download comes with all three patterned templates so you can pick your favorite) you’ll see that each template comes with two pages.

When you go to print, make sure you’re printing both pages double sided, so you end up with one cardstock template that’s patterned on both sides.

Once you cut out the template it’s pretty self explanatory. You simply have to fold it in half and then fold in the flaps and glue (more details on how to do that below!)

DIY Bookmark template | Bookmark with a "book list pocket" | Teal Notes


  • Sturdy cardstock
  • Yarn in your favorite colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • A printer
  • A hand held hole puncher


  1. Download the printable template file below (it will come with all three different bookmark patterns and pocket insert)
  2. Open file with Adobe Acrobat Reader (It’s a simple PDF reader) and select the pattern you want to print out
  3. When printing make sure you print out both pages (front and back) double sided on your cardstock
  4. Then cut out and fold template in half and then fold flaps inwards so as to glue them on and create a type of ‘pocket’
  5. Use a hole puncher to hole punch the top of your bookmark. Notice I didn’t add a marker for where you should hole punch your bookmark. you can do it in the middle or off the corner. It’s totally your call.
  6. Create your bookmark tassel (learn how to create homemade tassels here) and thread through your hole punch
  7. Print out the ‘books I’ve Read This Year’ insert on cardstock double-sided, cut it out, and stick it inside your newly formed bookmark pocket
  8. And you should be left with a bookmark where you can list ALL the books you’ve read for the year!


DIY Bookmark template | Bookmark with a "book list pocket" | Teal Notes

You can either choose your favorite template to make or make all three of them and hand them out to your friends (or your book club).

My personal favorite template is the swatches template, because it looks like I took a paintbrush and decorated the whole bookmark. But really I created the pattern from scratch on Illustrator.

DIY bookmark templates are pretty awesome

DIY Bookmark Free Template

If I were to go on a bookmark making spree and create all the ideas floating around in my head…well there wouldn’t be any space to put them all.

I feel like in the future I’ll probably make a new version of this type of bookmark with a different spin. Now that I think about it I’m sure I could create a ‘holiday themed’ bookmark and put out the free template for that!

Wow, ideas, ideas! They never stop coming.

How did you like the bookmark? I’d love to know in the comments.

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