DIY Fruit Bookmark | Free Printable Template

DIY printable fruit bookmark with tassel | Free printable bookmark templateI’m not one to brag but these DIY bookmarks are Target worthy (or so I like to think)!

I absolutely LOVE how the bookmarks turned out. They went from a vague idea in my mind to a full blown bookmark that’s pretty darn fruity if I do say so myself.

If you’re tired of boring bookmarks or earmarking your books (I used to do this a lot) then consider making your own DIY bookmark from scratch.

It’s super rewarding to know you’ve created something so pretty. I’d say pretty enough you could go a step further and laminate your bookmarks or even give them away as gifts.

How to make your DIY printable fruit bookmark

[ingredients title=”Supplies”]
  • Sturdy cardstock
  • Yarn in your favorite color (I chose lime green and peach)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Handheld hole puncher
[/ingredients] [directions title=”Directions”]
  1. Download, print and cut out your fruit templates (link below)
  2. Glue them together so your bookmark is double-sided
  3. Hole punch the top of your bookmark
  4. Create your tassel (learn how to make yarn tassels here!)
  5. Then loop through the hole punch and loop tassel through to secure on
  6. Enjoy your bookmark!

Remember to always keep your bookmarks in a safe dry place and print out your templates on the highest quality setting your printer can manage for the best results.

Take note that the colors may vary depending on the printer you use and the type of ink you have. Notice how I cut out the bookmark templates by leaving a bit of white around the edges for a cute sticker like look.

But you can cut right along the lines of the image if you’d like for a bit of a different look.

DIY printable fruit bookmark with tassel | Free printable bookmark template

Download your free printable template

I love creating templates anyone can use.

Download your fruit template below and create your DIY bookmark in less than 5 minutes. Easy peasy and not to mention, cute!

Let me know if you tried out the template in the comments below.


DIY printable fruit bookmark with tassel | Free printable bookmark template

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