DIY Tassel Macrame Hanger

I’ve had a couple of colorful yarn balls for what seems like forever. 

And I finally decided to do something with them. I made DIY yarn tassels!

And then? And then I added some to this macrame hanger I got at the dollar store. If I remember correctly it only cost me about five dollars tops.

So this is most definitely a super quick DIY plant hanger idea that anyone can do (you just need to learn to create your own tassels!)

DIY tassel macrame hanger

DIY tassel macrame hanger

You can see how plain it looked without the tassels and what how much life adding some colored yarn tassels added to it. 

One I added the plant, the look all came together beautifully. A tasseled macrame hanger makes for an awesome home decor item you can easily match to your personal color scheme. 

[ingredients title=”What you’ll need:”]
  • Macrame hanger (you can find some at the dollar store or on Amazon
  • Your favorite color yarn (I like sticking to about three colors)
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or cardstock

You might already have some of these materials at home, which is great. Next you’ll need to learn how to actually create your tassels. 

DIY tassel macrame hanger

How to make yarn tassels

I actually have a whole guide on this. But the basics are pretty much always the same no matter how big or small you want to make your yarn tassels.

Once you get the basics down you’ll be able to create tons of them and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to keep making them for pretty much anything. 

First you’ll want to gather your yarn, your scissors, and a 2 inch piece of sturdy scrap cardboard or cardstock.

How to make yarn tassels for your macrame hanger

Then you’ll want to start wrapping your yarn around the middle of your cardboard piece 20 times (this is the thickness that I personally like making my tassels, but if you feel like you want to make them thicker simply double that number).

Then you want to take a piece of your yarn, about 10 inches, and tie it around the middle of your wrapped yarn tightly (I like to double knot it)

How to make yarn tassels for your macrame hanger

You’ll want to then slide your tassel off the cardboard piece, straighten it out (use the image for guidance) and then cut the opposite end of your yarn bunch to where you tied it.

How to make yarn tassels for your macrame hanger

Next you’ll want to take a piece of yarn, about 20 inches, and wrap it a few times around the top side of your tassel, nearest to where you double knotted it at first

I like wrapping it 3-6 times depending on how thick I want it to look.

Once you’ve wrapped it around your yarn bunch tightly, tie a knot and neatly cut off the end

How to make yarn tassels for your macrame hanger

And finally, once you straighten out all your yarn pieces you’ll want to cut the end of the tassel as neatly as possible so it’s a clean straight end.

And voila! You have yourself a simple yarn tassel you can use for a ton of craft ideas!

How to make yarn tassels for your macrame hanger

When you add your tassels to your macrame hanger, you can either hot glue them on or you can sew them in. Whatever you have on hand will work just fine.

If you’re sewing them on though, make sure the thread is a color you can easily hide and that matches your macrame hanger.

DIY tassel macrame hanger

Different types of macrame hangers

There are ALL kinds of macrame hangers out there. Lots of them you can simply buy and jazz up yourself with a few tassels of your own. Like these, are absolutely gorgeous ones!

There are awesome tutorials out there that teach you step by step how to make some from scratch. I’ve found this one to be very helpful.

Though there’s also this tutorial if you prefer video. It can be pretty satisfying to create your own DIY plant hangers and collect them as you make them. Especially if you’re an indoor plant nut like me!

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DIY tassel macrame hanger

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