DIY Tassel Planter For Your Indoor Plants

DIY Tassel indoor Planter Idea | How to decorate your indoor plantsDid you know yarn tassels can look AMAZING on your indoor planters?

Yeah, I didn’t really know that either. I always saw them on wall decor items and bookmarks but never on indoor plant pots. Somehow I came across the idea and thought it was awesome.

So of course, I knew I had to make a small tutorial on how to ‘get the look.’

I LOVE how the plant turned out. Not too shabby, I must say.

Now, how do you make this DIY planter?

First you’ll need to learn how to create tassels. I have a full tutorial on how with that I’ve peppered around the blog on several posts because I use them a lot.

This is the image guideline that I use to show a quick outline on how to make them:

how to make a yarn tassel DIY Tassel indoor Planter Idea | How to decorate your indoor plants

[ingredients title=”Tassel Supplies”]
  • Your favorite type of yarn (in three or four colors)
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or cardstock
  • A hot glue gun

In case you’re wondering I got the light blue planter at IKEA a while back when I was looking for a couple of house things I was missing.

If I remember correctly it was pretty affordable and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg (like planters tend to do).

DIY Tassel indoor Planter Idea | How to decorate your indoor plants

To make your tassels

If you want them to look exactly like mine then:

Use a piece of cardboard or cardstock that’s about 1 inch wide and wrap your yarn around it exactly 20 times before tying it.

To get a detailed look into how to make your tassels, here’s a helpful video.

DIY Tassel indoor Planter Idea | How to decorate your indoor plants

Tassel making tips

Don’t make them in a hurry! Believe me, I know this out of experience. Take your time in making each tassel and straightening out each strand so you get the best results possible. This is true no matter what type of yarn you’re using.

Also, if you tend to make a lot of tassels for lots of different things I like to keep the card stock pieces I used to make them and label them a size in inches so next time, when I want to build a specific sized tassel that turned out like a last one I really liked, I know which piece of cardstock to use.

Switch up your tassel decor!

If you don’t really dig the first look you can always try and create a new look and place all of your tassels around the rim of your planter.

This DIY project works best on indoor plants because then your fragile tassels will last forever and they won’t be exposed to hefty weather conditions outside.

I love me a good and simple DIY idea! How’d it turn out for you? Let me know below!

DIY Tassel indoor Planter Idea | How to decorate your indoor plants

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