washi tape ideas

53 Clever Washi Tape Ideas To Decorate Your Whole Life In Bright Colors!

washi tape ideas

Washi tape ideas are everywhere and lots of them are pure awesomeness.

With washi tape you can add some color and personality to literally anything that might need it (like your boring lamp shade over there).

Just in case you aren’t sure what washi tape is, it’s mostly what it sounds like: tape that you can use to decorate anything from bullet journal pages to iphone cases to power cords.

You name it, chances are you can liven it up with some washi tape. One of my favorite ways to use washi tape is for wall decor (of which there are plenty of examples here). It doesn’t damage your walls and you don’t need to add any holes to decorate it with bright colors.

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The great thing about washi tape crafts is that the actual washi tape isn’t expensive at all. You can get started with a set of 40 rolls in all kinds of colors!

Where to buy washi tape

You can find cheap washi tape at convenient places like Amazon. You can choose between solid colored washi tape—

Or you can get a whole set of glitter washi tape with fun patterns! These are great for bullet journaling, or creating diy washi tape gifts during the holidays.

It’s probably the easiest way to add some personality to just about anything and make it yours. Here’s a nifty list of 51 creative crafts you can make with washi tape.

What is so special about washi tape?

The real question is, what isn’t special about washi tape! no, really. Washi tape makes it super easy to decorate literally anything you can stick it on, and it comes in all kinds of color, patterns, and even in glittery varieties.

What is washi tape good for?

Washi tape is best for diy decorating ideas, bullet journaling, and basically any other art project you can think up (and there’s plenty ideas in this roundup to inspire you!) The great thing about washi tape is that it isn’t messy AT ALL.

Is washi tape removable?

Washi tape is super removable. It’s basically colored masking tape, if you want to put it that way. And the stickyness isn’t too bad, so it is definitely easy to remove if you get tired of it or if it didn’t turn out how you were planning.

Is washi tape easy to remove?

Yes, washi tape is plenty easy to remove. Its just a matter of pealing it off and then removing any stickiness left behind (if any) with a gentle cleanser. 

Alright, now on to the good stuff. Let’s look at all the crazy awesome things you can make with washi tape!

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Decorate Your Kitchen Utensils With Washi Tape

Via Honey We’re Home

Why yes, you can totally decorate your kitchen utensils with washi tape and have them look like they came off an expensive Martha Stewart kitchen collection. Just combine your favorite colors and see how creative you get!

Stripped Washi Tape Table Cloth

Striped Washi Tape Tablecloth | Oh Happy Day!

Via Oh Happy Day

Who would have thought a table cloth could be instantly played up with some washi tape? Well, you can! Oh Happy Day shows you how you can turn any boring tablecloth into a pop of color and the focal point of any room with an easy DIY. Head on over to the blog to learn how its done!

DIY Washi Tape Cardboard Lamps

Via Tamara Maynes

These cardboard lamps are super cool and can be made with only a few things, one of them being your handy dandy washi tape. Stick them on any light bulb and you’ve got yourself a nifty lamp you’ve made with your own two hands.

Washi Tape Your Mirror

Washi tape stripes! Easy way to add color to a boring mirror

Via A Beautiful Mess

Sometimes mirrors can come in boring frames, spice it up with some craft tape! It’s a pretty convenient way to add color to just about anything without having to get messy with sticky paints.

Use Craft Tape To Decorate An Old Bathroom

Via Poppytalk

Have an old bathroom you want to make cozier? Often when you live in a rental you can’t really modify much in it (or punch holes in the wall). Here’s where craft tape can come to your rescue. Just look at what difference it makes for this bathtub! Pure craft tape genius.

Jazz Up Your Chairs With Washi Tape

Via Of A Kind

Your chairs can also benefit from some much needed washi tape love. Who says you can’t spice them up with a fun combination of colors? A set of pastel washi taped chairs would look great just about anywhere.

Craft Tape Your Notebook

Via Avecses10ptitsdoigts

Notebooks are one of the most popular ways to use washi tapes. You can make any notebook yours by adding some washi tape in your favorite colors.

Use Washi Tape For Your Cake Toppers

Donut party first birthday | Photos by Nicki Sebastian | 100 Layer Cakelet

Via 100 Layer Cakelet

Washi tape cake toppers are the absolute prettiest and they aren’t hard to put together at all. This one from 100 Layer Cakelet is gorgeous and brings the whole cake to a whole new level of crafty beauty.

Make Washi Tape Cupcake Toppers

Via Project Nursery

Everyone says cupcakes are just mini birthday cakes. Which is pretty true! And you can add washi tape toppings to it too! Just look at this creation from Project Nursery for proof!

Make Washi Tape Feathers

Make feathers with washi tape and toothpicks - so cute for cupcake toppers!

Via Beautiful Chaos 1910

These washi tape feathers look SO real, but nope, they’re created from craft tape. And you can create them right at home too. All you need are some scissors, washi tape, and toothpicks.

Add Some Washi Tape To Your Clipboard

Via Francine Clouden

Got a clipboard you use a lot? Jazz it up with some patterned washi tape. It’ll brighten your day for sure! Learn the complete tutorial over at Francine Clouden.

Create A Washi Tape Key Holder

Washi Tape Key Ring Holder

Via Joann

You can either use craft tape to personalize each individual key or you can use washi tape to create the actual key holder. Either way, they’re both great ideas for using washi tape around the house.

Make A Washi Tape Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher made with Masté Washi Tape <3

Via Amy Distasio

If you love crafts like dream catchers and have a set of washi tape rolls then you’ve got the perfect combination to create these dreamy dream catchers!

Washi Tape Your Envelopes

Via White House Crafts

These washi tape envelopes are the best! They’re easy to make and can make anyone you send mail or give a card to feel extra special. Go ahead and try the idea over at White House Crafts!

Decorate Your Power Cords


Via Design Love Fest

Power cords, besides tangling up all the time (and hey, there’s a washi tape solution for that too!) they’re mostly bland and boring. Add some color to your exposed power cords with some washi tape color combinations like this one!

Create Your Own Bookmarks

DIY Washi Tape Bookmark

Via Zakka Life

Yes, reading physical books is still a thing, so why not create your own clever washi tape bookmark to never lose your place in your book again?

Decorate A Gift Box

Via About The Nice Things

You can SO decorate gift boxes with washi tape. This washi tape garland idea is genius and really easy to make with just a few materials. If you want to get away from the generic store bought wrapping paper and want something more original then try washi taping it up.

Create Some Cool Spoons

Via Life Unfluffed

Who would have thought washi tape could be useful in the kitchen too? You can decorate your wooden spoons with your favorite washi tape and see them come to life.

Liven Up Your Lamp

Washi-Tape-Lamp-Shade #ScotchBTS

Via Finding Home Farms

Lamps can be boring but they definitely don’t have to STAY boring. You can create a lively and colorful lamp like this one. Get the tutorial over and Finding Home Farms.

Create Some Easy Washi Tape Bows

How to make a washi tape bow | NoBiggie.net

Via No Biggie

These washi tape bows are simple yet make great statement pieces for goodie bags, gift bags, or even birthday cards. Try creating these washi tape bows with the tutorial over at No Biggie.

Create Some Washi Tape Solar Jars


Via Dear Handmade Life

Did you know you can create some cool washi tape solar jars? This can be a great school craft idea or a washi tape idea you can create at home with your kids.

Decorate Your Boring Keyboard

washi tape

Via Better Homes And Gardens

This keyboard looks like something you’d get from a store, but it turns out you can create it right at home with your own set of washi tape rolls!

Create Some Washi Tape Straws

Via Kara’s Party Ideas

These straws are the absolute cutest and don’t require much to make at all. If you’re looking for an easy washi tape idea for your next party then this one might just be the one to bring your decor to life!

Personalize Your Favorite Notebooks And Pencils

DIY Washi Tape Pencils and Notebook Set

Via DIY Inspired

If your notebooks and pencils don’t match but you want them to, look no further than your washi tape rolls for assistance. This matching notebook and pencil set is super pretty and SIMPLE to make.

Create Some Pretty Washi Tape Picture Frames


Via Material Para Manualidades

Forget old and clunky picture frames. Use some washi tape to hang up some of your favorite prints and call it a day! It’s a great way to get rid of a boring wall.

Decorate A Boring Basket

Washi Taped Basket_createandbabble

Via Create And Babble

Create a washi tape basket with this tutorial from Create and Babble. Baskets are great for storing your most used items and it can be a great addition to your craft room.

Use Washi Tape For Pretty Fall Decor

DIY Gold Confetti Pumpkins

Via Homey Oh My

Gold washi tape! Is. So. Gorgeous. It makes for great decor tape for everything fall, like these pumpkins from Homey Oh My.

Create Cute Washi Tape Wall Art

Via Sarah Hearts

Decorative tape can even be great to go on canvas if you don’t feel like painting. You can make these canvas prints from Sarah Hearts and hang them up in your favorite room in the house!

Decorate Your Favorite Vases With Washi Tape


Via A Creative Mint

You can create patterned tape combinations to create some pretty vases that you can use as centerpieces for your dinner table or even a wedding party.

Here’s Another Cool Vase Decoration Idea

flores en jarrón

Via Ok Chicas

Here’s yet another cool way to use craft tape. Use it to decorate your pitchers and transform them into colorful vases. Create a set of three and now you have three matching washi tape vases that go together.

Decorate  A Blank Wall With Washi Tape

washi tape wall / ann kelle

Via Ann Kelle

This is one of the more creative washi tape ideas out there. You can decorate just about any blank wall with your favorite washi tape color combination. It can be as easy as measuring each piece and sticking the tape firmly on your wall with the help of a partner.

Create Your Own Washi Tape Calendar

washi tape calendar

Via The Fox And Star

Craft tape can be used to organize your life too! You can creat this cool washi tape wall calendar and ditch the expensive office supply calendar that inevitably runs out of pages all the time. Hows that for a washi tape idea?

Use Washi Tape For Wedding Decor

spring floral arrangement

Via Wedding Chicks

This washi tape idea is simply GORGEOUS. It’s a great example of how, with a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can make your fairy tale wedding dreams come to life with none other than washi tape. See even more ideas of this genius craft tape creation over at Wedding Chicks!

Decorate Your Bedroom With Washi Tape

Via Tanya Collier

Here’s one cool way to decorate your bedroom walls: Make some sprinkle pieces out of craft tape and put them up. It takes no time at all to put together and if you match them up with the colors of your covers, then you’ve got a winning combo!

Here Is Another Washi Tape Wall Decor Idea

Via Brit + Co

You can create a retro washi tape look with this bright idea from Brit + Co. How cool is that?

Decorate A Boring Table With Washi Tape

Via Elise Blah Blah

A table top doesn’t have to stay dark and lifeless, add some decorative tape and turn it into a rainbow centerpiece in your house that’s sure to catch some eyeballs.

Create Unique Gift Wrap With Washi Tape

Via Poppy Talk

Gift wrapping can be extra personalized with some decorative tape that you can create endless patterns with. All you gotta do is grab some tape and some blank wrapping paper to let the wrapping paper fun begin.

Decorate Your Old Bike And Fill It With Washi Tape

Image result for washi tape bike

Via Confetti Rebels

Ever thought about adding washi tape to your old bike? No? Your welcome. 🙂

Decorate Your Candles With Washi Tape

Washi Tape Home Decor

Via Chicfetti

Candles can get a nice boost of color with decorative craft tape. And it’s the easiest thing in the world to do when it comes to decorating any place in your house with candles.

Create Mini Washi Tape Garlands

Via My Washi Tape

These craft tape garlands can be used to decorate the fronts of your notebook or even to use as cake toppers. There’s no telling what you can do with decorative tape, and making a small garland can be a great beginner washi tape craft idea.

Create Wooden Washi Tape Gift Tags

Via About The Nice Things

These wooden tags get so much personality and color by just adding a few bits and pieces of craft tape. You can always hop on over to About The Nice Things and see how you can make these nifty washi tape tags.

Create Cute Greeting Cards

Via Precocious Paper

Greetings cards are a great way to put your washi tape to good use, especially if you don’t want to get too messy with markers and paints.

Washi Tape Your Paper Clips


Via Paper And Pin

Paper clips don’t just have to stay paper clips, you can create them into something more fun and add some tiny washi tape flags to them! They can make great placeholders or even mini bookmarks.

Create Washi Tape Pinwheels

washi pinwheels

Via Mad In Crafts

Make these craft tape pinwheels! They make a great and inexpensive kids craft for when you want to keep them entertained.

Create Washi Tape Mini Bags

Small gift bags - by Craft & Creativity

Via Craft And Creativity

You can use these adorable washi tape bags for almost anything imaginable that you’d want. They’d make great goodie bags for a birthday party or for Valentine’s Day. Totally your call!

Make A Washi Tape Cork Keychain

Via Saved By Love Creations

Make a washi tape cork keychain if you’re out of washi tape ideas to make and want to create something simple. It can be a great little gift idea for that special someone too.

Create A Washi Tape Christmas Hanging

You can whip this Styrofoam Washi Tape Ornament Wreath in less than 10 minutes!! Check out the tutorial at createcraftlove.com! #christmas #washitape #25daysofchristmas #styrofoam #wreath

Via Create Craft Love

Craft tape is great for Christmas too. This gorgeous wall idea can be made with some foam balls and your favorite patterned Christmas washi tape.

Washi Tape Your Recipe Box

washi tape box

Via Torie Jayne

This washi tape box is so simple yet so pretty. There’s no telling what you can store in it (like recipes and special notes). I love how the colors coordinate together and make for a pretty pink color scheme. How’s that for a simple washi tape idea?

Dress Up A Dresser


Via My Home Baked

See what I did there? The great thing about white backgrounds, whether that’s a picture frame, a wall, a dresser, or even paper, is that they’re PERFECT for your washi tape creations because it lets you combine lots of colors and patterns and it still looks good!

Create A Washi Tape Easter Wreath

Via Tater Tots And Jello

Easter is another great holiday to create washi tape decorations for. Just look at this nifty easter egg wreath creation that makes for a great front door addition.

Washi Tape Hats

Make a Party Hat. Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

Via Think Crafts

Craft tape can be great for creating party hats! They’re great to create and great to wear for just about any birthday party no matter the age.

Washi Tape Your Party Cups

Via Heyeep

If you’ve got some boring party cups then I suggest you bling them up with come craft tape. You can always match it with your party theme colors and you’ve all of a sudden take your party from 0 to 100 a few craft tape pieces later. Voila!

Washi Tape Ideas Galore

Washi tape can be a great way to decorate any space in your house and have it still look amazing and not DIYed at all. Just look at all these ideas for inspiration.

I’m thinking I’ll probably use some washi tape to decorate some planters I have at home that are kind of bland at the moment. Maybe that’ll be another post coming soon!

Luckily, you can find cheap washi tape at just about any crafts store (though its more convenient to get it online). Join the conversation and let us all know how you use craft tape to brighten up your living spaces! No idea is a bad one.

Happy Crafting! 🙂

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