7 Bullet Journal Font That Are Beautiful And Easy To Do (With Video Tutorials!)

Bullet journal fonts you can easily recreate for your own journalAh, bullet journal fonts.

Where can you even start when you try to decide which one to use for your new bullet journal entry? 

It doesn’t matter if you like to make your bullet journal entries fancy or keep them clean and simple, your bullet journal pages can definitely benefit from adding a new font.

Creating new bullet journal fonts doesn’t have to be nerve wracking either. Remember when you were in 1st grade and the teacher made you outline something in pencil first before you went over it with pen? You can do the exact same thing with your bullet journal fonts!

This way they aren’t as scary to add to your journal starting out, and once you get the hang of them, you’ll be able to pen them in like a pro.

The best bullet journal pens

So, to start you off on some brand new bullet journal font ideas you can use in your own bullet journal, here’s a look at some of the best pens you can use when learning to create unique lettering for your BUJO:

A simple Sharpie Pen

A simple Sharpie pen can take your writing from blah to much better because they help you fill in odd lines or lined that end jagged. They’re just all around good pens to have around for any lettering or calligraphy project.

You can always get a starter set of Sharpie pens here to make the best of your writing.


if you like thick strong lines that make a statement and can contrast with your skinnier lettering lines then midliners are always good to have around. Especially if you bullet journal a lot in general. 

Get Midliners here. 

Normal thick markers

Sometimes you don’t need fancy markers to come up with some great fonts for your bullet journal. Once you learn to get creative with your writing, there are all kinds of things you can create with simple thick markers. Get a simple set here to get started. 

Calligraphy pens

If you really want to get advanced and try your hand at calligraphy when you might want to invest in some calligraphy pens for beginners.

Here’s a great set of Tombow Calligraphy Pens for beginners.

Bullet Journal font ideas from Instagram



More BUJO Fonts

I went ahead and created a couple of fonts you can try at home!

They’re pretty simple, but if you’re a beginner they can be a great way to get started with different types of fonts for your BUJO.

it can get boring to repeat the same types of fonts over and over. And sometimes you want a change of pace when it comes to what your bullet journal looks like.

TAKE NOTE: If you’re still not as great as you would like to be with your bullet journal spread and think a template would work for you. I’ve created the perfect bullet journal template you can try out. Sometimes it’s nice when the framework is drawn out and all you have to do is fill it in with your own ideas. See the pre-made bullet journal here!

Admittedly I’m still not great with calligraphy. It takes me a while to write out a word that looks like actual calligraphy and not simply cursive (because there is a difference). 

If you’re looking for free handwritten fonts you can check out some of them here, that you can download for free. One way to try out new bullet journal fonts is to write out keywords and enlarge them, print them out, and practice tracing over them. Almost like a bullet journal stencil of sorts.

Pretty bullet journal font


Bullet journal fonts that are easy

You don’t have to have pretty handwriting to make your BUJO fonts look nice! You can get quirky with it and exaggerate certain parts of each letter and bunch them together like I did here for a cool effect.

Add some squiggles of color at the ends of each letter for an extra pop of color. Easy.

Flower bullet journal font

Bullet journal fonts | handwritten fonts for bullet journals

Usually when we think of fonts that involve flowers we tend to complicate it and think we need to draw intricate roses around the letters to succeed. But you can make it so much more simpler than that and still end up with some fun lettering.

It can be as simple as using the bullet to guide you as you write out each letter, and then adding flowers accents around each letter with your preferred marker colors.

Bullet journal stencil font

bullet journal stencil font

One way to create a type of ‘stencil’ look with your bullet journal font is to add a few simple lines around each block letter for a more prominent 3-D type of effect.

Nothing fancy, but it works nicely!

Lollipop letter fonts

lollipop letter font for your bullet journal spreads

Lollipop letters! But with a twist.

Instead of creating the traditional lollipop letters that have the dots on the ends of the letter add the dots to the middle of each letter and line then up with the help of the bullets on the page.

Then fill them in with a set of your favorite colors! 

highlighter bullet journal font

highlighter bullet journal font

You don’t just have to use highlighters to highlight things. You can use them to create lettering of your own too.

Here’s an example of how you can do that with three colors. It might take a bit of practice, but it can turn out nicely when you use your favorite colors. This font usually works best for title fonts, since it can be time consuming.

Fruit letters font

fruit BUJO font idea

Finally we have fruit lettering fonts. These fonts aren’t really ‘fonts’ in the traditional sense. it’s more like you draw things around your letters to give them a bit more personality.

I feel this font would go amazing for a meal planner spread if you’re making one, or even for a grocery shopping list. 

Get creative with your bullet journal fonts

Hopefully I showed you some fun ways to create bullet journal fonts without pulling your hair out (especially if you aren’t artistic or if you don’t have the patience for picture perfect font lettering).

There are lots of other fancy fonts out there that you can practice creating and get better at over time. It all has to do with practice and how much you keep at it.

These introductory fonts are a great way to start losing the fear and being creative more often. 

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