How To Make 3-D Paper Stars The Easy Way

Want to learn how to make 3D paper stars the easy way? As in no templates, no weird cuttings, and no hassle with gluing or taping? Then yes, you’ve just landed in exactly the right place. You’ll need paper squares #1) Start with a piece of square paper You have to start with a piece …

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DIY Feather Bookmark With Free Templates

Feather bookmarks are a pretty creative way to never lose your place in a book. Unfortunately I wasn’t around any birds to be able to pick up some stray feathers. But not to fear, because when bad comes to worse card stock and some printer ink can save the day. I love how these turned …

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Lavender Sugar Scrub

diy homemade lavender sugar scrub

A sugar scrub with essential oils is one of my favorites to make. Just because they end up smelling SO good. And this lavender sugar scrub is no different. Once I made it I knew I’d probably be making this scrub throughout the year. I personally don’t like to make my sugar scrubs too runny, …

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Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub With Honey

orange creamsicle sugar scrub

Bet an orange creamsicle sugar scrub flavor isn’t something you come across every day. But that’s exactly what we’re making today! And so far, I can tell you the smell is out of this world delicious. But careful, it’s not to be eaten. It’s to be used as an exfoliant for your skin, your body, …

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Unicorn Hot Chocolate Recipe

unicorn hot chocolate diy

If you love all things unicorn and sparkles, then this unicorn hot chocolate is a must try! Now, I know you might be thinking this is really hard to make. But I promise you it’s the easiest thing in the world. With a few pointers and a bit of creativity, you can definitely make all …

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