Strawberry Sugar Scrub | Strawberry Face Mask DIY

diy homemade strawberry sugar scrub

You know it’s summer when the first thing you see walking into the grocery store are strawberries. While you’re at it, why not make a quick DIY strawberry sugar scrub (that can also double as a strawberry face mask) to make sure your summer skin stays as smooth as possible. If you visit the blog …

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Unicorn Party Favors With Free Printable Tags

diy unicorn invitations

Are you having a unicorn themed party? Then I’ve got the PERFECT unicorn party favors for you! These favors are easy to make and absolutely affordable. You’ll need to buy a few things in bulk, which you can do on Amazon. After that you should be set and ready to put these unicorn party favors …

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DIY Candy Gift Bags With Free Printable Tags

I must say I had quite some fun creating these DIY candy gift bags. ESPECIALLY because I just bought a new camera lens and its always fun to tinker around with and learn something new. Though I must admit you do need patience for it, but once you get something down, the payoffs can be …

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