Cucumber Strawberry Salad

Put strawberries and cucumbers together and what do you get? An absofruitly refreshing salad worth a friggin prize. Especially in the summer when strawberries are the most abundant! If you add a little bit of salty feta cheese to it and you have a pretty nice mix of salty and sweet! Along with a dressing …

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31 Dinner Ideas For Two: What Should I Make For Dinner? Yummy Recipes To Try Tonight

dinner ideas for two

Looking for dinner ideas for two? Sometimes the problem isn’t cooking for a big family, sometimes, the problem is cooking for two, and finding great recipes that are perfect for that. These dinners are perfect for a romantic dinner plan (think Valentine’s Day), quick dinner meals that are filling and healthy, or even meal prep …

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Berry Smoothie With Almond Milk

A berry smoothie with almond milk sounds great right about now. Thankfully, a berry smoothie isn’t hard to make, they’re damn delicious, and the nutritional value you get out of them is absolutely out of this world. Not to mention the nut flavor mixed with the berries is absolutely amazing and leaves you wanting more. …

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Watermelon Strawberry Smoothie

watermelon strawberry smoothie, a perfect and refreshing smoothie for a hot summer day

Watermelon and strawberries are two of the BEST simple pleasures summer brings you. And if you blend then into a watermelon strawberry smoothie, well, you’ve basically got bliss in a cup. Smoothies are those easy to make and oh so tasty (and really good for you!) summer treats that you can have basically any time …

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