Free Snowflake Template: Easy Paper Snowflakes To Cut And Color

snowflake template, free snowflake templateLooking for a snowflake template?

You’ve basically landed in a snowflake frenzy!

No really, I went a little crazy and started creating all these snowflake patterns. I though, why not share them online with people that will need them and use them?

Snowflakes are great for decorating right around the holidays, or when its just downright cold outside. Kids love cutting them out and sticking them on their windows.

Just like lots of other templates out there, there’s no telling what you can do with a snowflake template.

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That’s why I included more than TEN designs that you can use yourself for whatever you want. Here are some cool ideas for your snowflake tempate:

  1. Use it to decorate your notebooks
  2. Trace them into your bullet journal
  3. Cut them out and create a snowflake garland
  4. Make a snowflake pattern on the wall
  5. Decorate your front door with lots of blue colored snowflakes
  6. Decorate your cork board
  7. Make a Christmas tree garland to wrap all around the tree
  8. Pin them to the ceiling for a winter wonderland celebration
  9. …the list could go on and on!

If you’re looking for more stencils and cut out templates besides these free circle templates, here is a list of a few that you might find really useful for your personal projects:

Remember, these original designs are for personal use only. They are not to be distributed, mass produced, or sold in any way without my personal written consent. Thank you! Now its time to download your favorite snowflake template off the list!

Snowflake coloring page

First I wanted to start off with a snowflake coloring page that is perfect for some coloring time and de-stressing at home.

It’s also makes a great and simple coloring page for your kiddos or even an adult coloring page for people who like to color as a way to de-stress and channel their creativity.

snowflake template, free snowflake template

>> Download Snowflake Template Here <<

Free Snowflake Wallpaper

These colored snowflakes are beautiful and can be used in lots of ways, including as a desktop background, as gift wrap for a small gift, as a bullet journal page, as a scrapbooking page, to help you decorate a wall. You name it, chances are you can use this snowflake wallpaper for it. Download it below!snowflake template, free snowflake template

>> Download Snowflake Template Here <<

Basic snowflake template

We all love a basic snowflake, mostly because its so useful for so many different winter projects. They aren’t too hard to cut out or too fancy, so they’re great for smaller kids and simple art projects.

You don’t need to have expert cutting skills to use this snowflake template, and you can cut it out to color it, use it as a simple coloring page, or better yet use it as a stencil for painting.

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I’m pretty sure if you wanted to resize them, you can do so by tweaking some settings in your printer. If not you can just take the PNG display images. download (free and easy open source image editing software) and resize them to the sized you need there.

I thought about creating snowflakes in different sizes, but realized it would be way too much, especially if I didn’t know what exact sizes people need them in. But resizing them on paint should work just fine!snowflake template, free snowflake template

>> Download Snowflake Template Here <<

Intricate Snowflake Template

This snowflake is more intricate and might take a little more to cut out. But once you do, you’ll love the look of the snowflake when you stick it up somewhere and look at their shapes.

snowflake template, free snowflake template

>> Download Snowflake Template Here <<

Rounded snowflake template

This snowflake template is probably the most funny looking one of them all, but easily one of my favorites. It’s amazing what piecing a few shapes together can create once you get the hang of it. If you’re looking for a simple snowflake template shape that isn’t one you see everyday, then THIS is the template you might like best!

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I personally think this snowflake template would be great to string together to make a Christmas tree garland. Lots of people make their Christmas tree garland out of the traditional ribbon or even stringing popcorn together. But stringing some snowflake templates together can be a beautiful idea if you have the patience to create it.

snowflake template, free snowflake template

>> Download Snowflake Template Here <<

Diamond snowflake template

I LOVE diamond shaped snowflakes. They seem SO fancy and beautiful to me. Anything that has a diamond shape you know you’ll end up with a beautiful project, especially with this snowflake, because the shapes are so symmetrical and they go together. I definitely had LOTS of fun making THIS snowflake. snowflake template, free snowflake template

>> Download Snowflake Template Here <<

Fancy Snowflake Template

Aaaaan finally, this is the fanciest snowflake design I came up with. It’s got a lot to it, and might be a little harder to cut. But once you do, you’ll LOVE it for whatever snowflake project you make.

snowflake template, free snowflake template

>> Download Snowflake Template Here <<

Printable snowflake stencils are easy to use!

Hopefully I didn’t bore you with too much snowflake template talk. But most importantly, I hope these stencils helped you with anything snowflake related or DIY projects.

I love creating free things like these for people that anyone can use. Feel free to leave some feedback below to let me know if these snowflake templates helped you.

Happy crafting!

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