Rainbow Template: Free Printable Rainbow Outline and Rainbow Coloring Page!

rainbow template. free printable rainbow template If you’re looking for some rainbow templates, I have JUST the ones for you!

I was recently looking for some free rainbow templates for a DIY project I was doing because I didn’t want to spend time creating them.

Turns out I wasn’t exactly able to find what I was looking for. Long story short I decided to get off my lazy bum (or get ON my lazy bum) and design some with Illustrator.

I LOVE how they turned out. Before you know it, one thing led to another and then I was left with a couple different PDFs that are ready to use after a quick free download.

Rainbows are some of the prettiest things in nature and they’re super fun to color! They’re great if you’re teaching your kids the color spectrum or if you simply want to keep them busy on a rainy day in.

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You can use these rainbow templates for just about anything that comes to mind. Just take note that they are for personal use only. They are not to be distributed, reproduced, or sold in any way without my written consent. 🙂

Other than that you’re free to use them as much as you like and for whatever you like. For people that read my blog a lot they know I LOVE creating all types of printables.

Whether that is hand drawn coloring pages, or printable home planners that’ll help you get all the chaos in order.

If you’re looking for more stencils and cut out templates besides these free rainbow printables, here is a list of a few that you might find really useful for your personal projects:

Rainbow Coloring Page

It’s almost like a tradition of some sort but usually when I make a cutout or a stencil I like to create a coloring page OF that cut out or stencil. It’s a great way to make the project come full circle and its also a great way to offer my audience some of my best creative work for free.

‘Cus who doesn’t like free?? This rainbow printable coloring page is just screaming for someone to fill it with lots and lots of color.

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Luckily you can just download it with one click below. Make sure you share it with your family and friends (or the teachers in your life even) if they happen to be looking for rainbow themed designs and patterns!

rainbow coloring page. free printable rainbow template

>>Download The Rainbow Template Here <<

Single rainbow free template

So first we start with a single rainbow as the most basic rainbow design you can download for free. It’s pretty straight forward and can make for a quick rainbow coloring page or a quick cutout for bulletin boards and decoration projects!rainbow template. free printable rainbow template

>>Download The Rainbow Template Here <<

Small rainbow templates

Sometimes you might not need a humongous rainbow template to color or cut out. Sometimes you need some small sized rainbows to get the job done. And voila! This might just be the rainbow pattern template for you.
rainbow template. free printable rainbow template

>>Download The Rainbow Template Here <<

Medium rainbow templates

Medium rainbow templates are useful for just about anything. I remember when I was younger I used to color them and stick them to the fronts of my notebooks. The great thing about it is you don’t have to color in the exact colors of the rainbow every time. You can pick and choose whatever colors you want.

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And if you really want to go the ROY G BIV route (who remembers that from elementary school?) then you can always print out the rainbow template, turn it around, and draw your own seven slots to color in the exact number of colors of the rainbow.

rainbow template. free printable rainbow template

>>Download The Rainbow Template Here <<

Rainbow Templates Are Pretty Darn Great

I hope you enjoyed these rainbow templates and I hope you give them a good use if you need them. Remember, they are only for personal use and cannot be redistributed without my written permission.

It’s always nice when you can get creative without having to go through the hassle of having to buy materials. You can find lots of stencils and free coloring pages and cut outs for free online.

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