Dot Grid Paper: Free Printable Paper For Bullet Journals And Notes

Dot Grid Paper: Free Printable Paper For Bullet Journals And Notes

For the longest time I’ve tried to be able to write in straight lines on a blank page.

I always ended up writing SOMETHING lopsided, which is when I discovered dot grid paper (basically when I started bullet journaling). Now, every time I try to bullet journal or simply jot some notes down, I always use a dot grid page to make sure everything stays nice and neat (and readable!)

Dot grid paper helps you create awesome planner pages and I love it even for creating simple to-do lists.

Dot Grid Paper 

Dot grid paper is great if you want to start getting into bullet journaling, but you don’t quite want to invest in a notebook just yet. And if you are really careful and don’t want to mess up in your precious bullet journal then you can print out a few loose dot grid pages and practice all your doodles on there.

It’s a genius idea if you don’t want to mess up in your bullet journal or even if you run out of pages.

It’s great for practicing calligraphy, your handwriting, and hand lettering. It’s also useful for taking simple notes that you can keep in a binder (or your favorite planner).

Grid Paper

The grid paper is great for when you want to draw something with  straight lines. It’s also useful paper to practice your hand lettering and calligraphy. Even if it’s for working out math problems, it’s also great for that.

Lined Paper

You can also download a simple lined page. You can use this page for writing down notes, or like the other ones, practicing your writing. Sometimes we don’t want some basic notebook paper to write down notes in, but something cleaner and simpler. You can always download the lined paper and see if you find it useful.

I love using it to practice my calligraphy with my set of tombow bullet journal pens. It helps me keep my lines even and my letter sizes the same.

If you’re working on writing and calligraphy drills then this simple lined paper can be great for you! 🙂

I decided to make two sizes for each type of page to make it easier and more convenient for all my fellow planner lovers out there. The pages  come in both the standard letter sized paper and A5 page size as well!

You can hole punch each page to fit them in your planner or they can even go in your household binder (you do have one of those, right? If not, CLICK HERE 🙂

Dot grid paper, free printable dot grid paper

NOTE: These printable pages are for personal use only. Do not upload the pages to your own site. If you would like to feature the free printables, you can do so with proper credit. Thank you!

Letter Sized Pages 8.5 X 11

Dot Grid Paper { DOWNLOAD HERE }

Grid Paper { DOWNLOAD HERE }

Lined Paper { DOWNLOAD HERE }

A5 Sized Pages 5.5 X 8.5

Dot Grid Paper { DOWNLOAD HERE }

Grid Paper { DOWNLOAD HERE }

Lined Paper { DOWNLOAD HERE }

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