41 Gorgeous Women’s Lifestyle Blogs You’ll Be Glad You Discovered {2023 Faves}

Hot tip: You’ll need to bookmark this list of women’s blogs for your convenience because you’re going to want to follow everyone on this list.

I’m serious.

I’ve curated a list (I mean, who doesn’t love lists?) of some of the most inspiring women’s lifestyle blogs out there for you (and me) to ogle at.

Because the creativity around these internets is truly insane.

And though I say “women’s blogs” I really truly mean these blogs and the creative people behind them are for anyone who appreciates color, creativity, great advice, and relatable people that are going through the same things all of us are in different ways, gender not withstanding.

And hey, if you’ve ever even thought of starting your own blog and inspiring the world with what you have to share– because we all have something to share– why not just get started already?

Either way, let’s dive in!

Studio DIY

Blog: Studio DIY
Instagram: @studiodiy

Studio DIY - women's blogs

If you’re looking for a blog that’s as inspiration as it is colorful look no further than StudioDIY. Kelly, the creator, chronicles life as a creative woman that started her own creative business and juggles both married life and parenthood. My favorite post is probably her legendary chocolate chip cookie recipe!


Aww Sam

Blog: Aww Sam
Instagram: @aww.sam

aww sam - women's lifestyle blog

Aww Sam is a colorful DIY blog with a bit of retro thrown in. You can find all kinds of DIY projects and ideas, inspiration for throwing your next party, dessert recipes, and more all wrapped in super bright colors. If your Instagram feed needs some brightening up, this is the lifestyle blog to follow. 


Maritza Lisa

Blog: Maritza Lisa
Instagram: @Maritzalisa

Maritza Lisa

If you want to be inspired by a super calming array of color and ideas, then check out Maritza Lisa’s lifestyle blog. I’m pretty sure I found her on Pinterest and every now and again come across her colorful content. 


Oh Happy Day

Blog: Oh Happy Day
Instagram: @ohhappyday

Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day shares tons of ideas for helping you throw your next DIY budget if you want to go big on decor and all things sweet. They also share tons of content on travel which is great. It goes on to show you can create a blog around the things you’re really into. 


Little Big Bell

Blog: Little Big Bell
Instagram: @littlebigbell

Little Big Bell

Into colorful home decor? Then Little Big Bell is the lifestyle blog you’ll thank me for telling you about. It shares all kinds of home decor shots on Instagram that can serve as inspiration for your own place. If hearts, rainbows, and bright colored couches are right up you’re alley you’ll want to give Little Big Bell a follow. 


A Beautiful Mess

Blog: A Beautiful Mess
Instagram: @abeautifulmess

A beautiful mess - most influential female bloggers

If you were to look up ‘most influential female bloggers’ in the dictionary you’d probably find a picture of A Beautiful Mess. Elsie and Emma are a sister duo that have grown their small lifestyle blog into a huge lovable brand over the years and they’re the first female bloggers I stumbled upon that I really grew to love. You can check back on their blog for daily updates, or follow on Instagram for colorful content and recommendations. 


Tell Love And Party

Blog: Tell Love And Party
Instagram: @tellloveandparty

Tell Love And Party

As soon as I came across Tell Love and Party’s content I knew I had to feature it. It’s the blog responsible for some super popular DIY projects on Instagram. Make sure to check it out and follow them on Instagram!


The Every Girl

Blog: The Every Girl
Instagram: @theeverygirl

The Every Girl - top women's blogs

The Every Girl has something for, well, every girl. Whether you want blog posts on career and finance, or you want tips on wellness and beauty, The Every Girl has got you covered. I’m pretty sure that’s where I discovered one of my favorite skincare items from Biossance. 


Wit & Delight

Blog: Wit & Delight
Instagram: @witanddelight

Wit & Delight - women's lifestyle blogs

If you mix ‘the finer things in life’ with some food, entertainment, health and wellness, you get Wit & Delight. Once you hop over to the blog, you’ll want to pin everything in sight. 


The Financial Diet

Blog: The Financial Diet
Instagram: @thefinancialdiet

The Financial Diet - women's lifestyle blog

The Financial Diet is a personal favorite of mine. As a women’s finance blog, it’s been able to build a huge community of women who are on a quest to get a handle of their money once and for all. If you check them it, make sure to also check out it’s YouTube channel for gems on handling your financial life. 


Damask Love

Blog: Damask Love
Instagram: @damasklove

Damask Love

You just can’t not love a creative lifestyle blog like Damask Love. Amber, the creator, has tons and tons of content on creating crafts for all occasions. To top it all off, she also design gorgeous craft paper, fabric, and occasionally makes TV appearances. 


PMQ for Two

Blog: PMQ For Two
Instagram: @pmqfortwo

PMQ for Two - lifestyle blog

If you take military housing and a blogger with a penchant for color and put them together you get PMQ for Two. The blog is filled with colorful DIY’s you can recreate at home and plenty of home decor inspiration. 



Blog: Brit + Co
Instagram: @britandco

Brit.co - top women's lifestyle blog

If I were to describe Brit.Co I’d say it’s a lifestyle website for female millennials. Started years ago, it covers everything from what you should eat, easy DIY ideas, and it even has a podcast that gives you tips on all things lifestyle. Oh, and to top it all off, it also offers creative DIY classes for women that want to learn more. 


The Crafted Life

Blog: The Crafted Life
Instagram: @thecraftedlife

women's lifestyle blog 2021 The Crafted Life

My favorite part about The Crafted Life? It’s colorful collection of affordable office supplies! It’s a gorgeous blog with plenty of lifestyle inspiration that sticks to its brand in everything it creates. Make sure to give it a follow on Instagram. 


P.S. – I Made This…

Making is pretty much what P.S. is all about and I love it. If you’re ever aching for original inspiration on lifestyle, food, or beauty, you can check out the blog for more. 


Lia Griffith

Blog: Lia Griffith
Instagram: @liagriffith

Lia Griffith - women's lifestyle blogs over 50

Do you love paper flowers? So does Lia Griffith, so it’s safe to say you’d love the blog. It’s packed with SVG files, freebies, holiday ideas, and paper flower tutorials. Needless to say the flowers are absolutely gorgeous, and they often look super real. 


Honestly WTF

Blog: Honestly WTF
Instagram: @honestlywtf

Honestly WTF - women's blogs


If I could describe Honestly WTF in two words I’d say it’s a “chic crafts” blog where you’ll find inspiration for creating a ton of different things from stylized jeans to floral pompoms. Oh, and if you check them out, you’ll love their embroidery section. 


Lovely Indeed

Blog: Lovely Indeed
Instagram: @lovelyindeed

lovely Indeed - top women's blogs


Lovely Indeed is a gorgeous blog with gorgeous DIY ideas for the home and plenty of kid activity ideas too. As soon as you land on the blog you’ll love the color scheme and the endless array of ideas and tips. Don’t forget to follow on Instagram to stay up to date. 


A Cup of Jo

Blog: A Cup Of Jo
Instagram: @acupofjo

womens lifestyle blogs 2021 - A Cup Of Jo


A great blog centered around motherhood, food, design, travel and style, A Cup Of Jo is an OG blog that has been around for ages, and for good reason. My favorite part is probably the heartfelt essays that guests get to publish for the community to read. 


Design Improvised

Blog: Design Improvised
Instagram: @designimprovised

Design Improvised


I mean, have you seen a cuter blog than this one? Design Improvise is a bright lifestyle blog ran by Haeley that publishes all kinds of easy colorful projects for your home, your kids, or the holidays. You’ll have to check out the wreaths she makes too!


Homey Oh My

Blog: Homey Oh My
Instagram: @homeyohmy

Homey Oh My

If you pull inspiration from a perfectly clean black and white color palette to decorate your whole house Homey Oh My does the job for you. It’s a beautiful lifestyle blog worth checking out and following on Instagram. 


Wellness Mama

Blog: Wellness Mama
Instagram: @wellnessmama

Wellness Mama


If you’re looking for a place where you can deep dive into all things wellness, look no further than Wellness Mama. You’ll discover green recipes for making anything from elderberry syrup for colds or how to keep your house clean using eco-friendly ingredients. 


Hello Hydrangea

Blog: Hello Hydrangea
Instagram: @hellohydrangea

Hello Hydrangea

If you’ve ever wanted to go into weaving, macrame, or punch needle then Hello Hydrangea is where you want to go to find beautiful tutorials and even a chance to join one of it’s workshops to learn more. 


Crafts Unleashed

Blog: Crafts Unleashed
Instagram: @craftsunleashed

Crafts Unleashed

Crafts Unleashed is where you’ll find a ton of creative projects that have been brought together by some of your favorite makes from around the internet. You can find ideas for jewelry, home decor, paper crafts, party ideas, and even crafts for kids. 


Hello Glow

Blog: Hello Glow
Instagram: @hellowglowblog 

Hello Glow

You can think of Hello Glow as the zen lifestyle place to go when you need a natural beauty recipe, or you simply want to scroll through and look at pretty, airy pictures. Love what it stands for, love the vibes even more. 



Blog: I Spy DIY
Instagram: @ispydiy


I’m pretty sure I first came across I Spy DIY on Instagram. Do yourself a favor and give them a follow. Jenny takes you through her home renovating adventures as she expertly matches paints with vintage items she thrifts for. The results? Stunningly beautiful places that look like they were taken out of a picture book. 


Oh Joy!

Blog:  Oh Joy! 
Instagram: @ohjoy

Oh Joy

Oh Joy has been around since before Pinterest was even a thing. That’s why I like to think of Oh Joy as the OG blog that keeps reinventing itself. I love that every know and again they’ll launch a limited edition set of colorful shoes or luggage (just about any blogger’s dream). Check it out to learn more. 


We Are Scout

Blog: We Are Scout
Instagram: @wearescout

We are scout

I’m not quite sure how I came across We Are Scout but I was glad I did within two seconds of landing on the site. It mixes playful and colorful with modern for a perfect combination anyone can love. 


Rebecca Propes

Blog: Rebecca Propes
Instagram: @rebeccadiy

Rebecca Propes

Rebecca Propes doesn’t shy away from colorful wallpaper, patterns, and home decor. Along with her craft tools, you can watch her turn a blah corner into a bright one. Keep up with her on Instagram to stay up to date on her current projects! 

Sugar And Charm

Blog: Sugar And Charm
Instagram: @sugarandcharm

Sugar And Charm

If charm is what Sugar and Charm was going for they nailed it. There are tons of recipes on the blog as well as lifestyle projects and tips that are showcased with downright beautiful imagery. Definitely a blog worth following if you love sweet recipes with a southern lean. 

Design Mom

Blog: Design Mom
Instagram: @designmom

Design Moms- women's lifestyle blogs over 50

Design Mom mixes the ins and outs of being a mom of six with living a life of design and color in France. If you love the blog, you’ll love the Instagram stories even more as she goes through home renovation projects and commentary on everyday life. 


Blog: Dossier
Instagram: @dossierblog


I have a thing for indoor plants…I just keep buying them. Thankfully, Dossier keeps you in the know as far as how to care for your plants. There are also gorgeous rattan style DIY projects that are worth trying, especially the rattan lamp one! 

Design Eat Repeat

Blog: Design Eat Repeat
Instagram: @designeatrepeat

women's blogs

Design Eat Repeat is a lovely place to find plenty of printables, food crafts, holiday and party ideas. It’s such a gorgeous blog I new I had to feature it as soon as I saw it. Make sure you check out the blog and follow it on Instagram for more! 

The Neon Tea Party

Blog: The Neon Tea Party
Instagram: @theneonteaparty

The Neon Tea Party

I first came across The Neon Tea Party on Instagram. It might have been an Instagram story but what caught my eye were all the colorful pompoms! TNTP is all about empowering you to use your creativity and equipping you with the tools to do that. Find its tutorials on everything from pompom making to bracelets on the blog. 


Dream Green DIY

Blog: Dream Green DIY
Instagram: @dreamgreendiy

Mid-century modern is beautifully portrayed throughout Dream Green’s blog as soon as you hit the home page. Some people simply have an eye for making a house a home, and Dream Green DIY is exactly the place to go for inspiration on that and more. 


A Piece Of Rainbow

Blog: A Piece of Rainbow
Instagram: @apieceofrainbow

A Piece Of Rainbow - women's blogs


A Piece Of Rainbow is pretty much exactly what the name says it is. The bright blog is chock-full of original DIY ideas and indoor plant tips you can use to spruce up your own place. 


Vintage Revivals

Blog: Vintage Revivals
Instagram: @vintagerevivals

Vintage Revivals

If you love all things vintage and you haven’t seen this blog then what are you even doing? You’ll find plenty of vintage ideas to revive just about any room in your home. Looking for tiling tips? Vintage Revival has you covered (with paint!)

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