FREE Printable Planner- Let’s Get Organized Weekly Planner

Here is a free printable planner you can use to organize your every day life.

For the most part, the planner is geared towards bloggers who want to make sure they keep their life in order as they grow their business and take care of life at home.

But really anyone can use this planner, especially as a weekly planner. I absolutely LOVE creating anything that has to do with planners because I’m using my creativity to create something beautiful and full of color that is actually useful and that can help you make life a little bit less chaotic.

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This planner will help you get your important passwords all in one place, help you keep your week on track, and help you make sure you get everything you need to get done for the day done.

If you’re looking for more cutouts and stencils, I have a couple more you can check out and get for free:

Free Printable Daily Planner

This page is a quick overview of what your day will look like. It has a space for everything essential to a successful day, including appointments, water intake, notes, and goals.

Free Printable Weekly Planner

If you want a wider view of your week then the weekly planner page will come in handy just for you! It’s a great way to break down long term goals and achieve them one day at a time!

Passwords Page

Most of us have a growing number of accounts for all kinds of things, and there’s no way to keep all the passwords memorized, so write them down on this sheet and never forget a password or username again.

Enjoy the free printable planner!


Free printable planner- Best Free Planner Printables

free printable planner

If you LOVE free printables, here are a few you can download for free:

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One of the best ways to track your habits and change them is with a habit tracker. Make sure you print out yours to keep track of your best and worst habits.

Free Christmas Gift Lift

Is it the holidays yet? Make sure you don’t miss anyone on your gift list by using this handy gift organizer. It’s simple and it works!

Weekly Meal Planner Printable

Meal planning can be another great way to organize your life with a planner and plan out all your dinners for the week. It’s also very helpful for when you need to go grocery shopping, because you’ll know exactly what you’ll need and how much you’ll need.

Weekly Meal Prep Printable

A meal prep planner can make a great difference in your food budget if you get in the habit of using one weekly. Check out the rainbow printable and add it to your household binder.

Free Bullet Journal Dot Grid Paper

Dot Grid Paper is a great way to learn the basics of brush lettering or calligraphy or test out the waters to see if bullet journal is right for you and your goals. I created a set of dot grid pages, lined paper, and grid paper to help you get started with bullet journaling if you don’t yet want to invest in a notebook.

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