Free Printable Wall Art Quote: “Exploit Your Talent In The Service Of Others”

Free Printable Wall Art Quote: “Exploit Your Talent In The Service Of Others”

free wall art printableHands down, printable wall art is one of the easiest ways to decorate a bare wall.

I was currently working on a wall art mega pack that I plan on selling in the printables shop and went off on a tangent and designed this printable.

I took way longer on it than I thought I would and ended up loving it so much I thought I should put it up for a free download! I love creating these wall art prints, especially when they have a profound message or anything that uplifts you or motivates you to be a better person.

I don’t quite remember where I heard this quote, but as soon as I heard it it stuck with me and I somehow remembered it.

It’s been a question that’s been on my mind lately as I think about the future of this blog and what exactly I want to do with it.

I LOVE the idea of ‘exploiting your talents in the service of others’ because I feel like its what makes you and the people around you the happiest.

When you’re using your talents to help others in need of them you automatically feel better, you feel useful, and you feel like you are doing good things for others, and there’s no beating that!

For example, I LOVE creating printables, of any kind. That can be printable wall art, or printable stickers, or one of my absolute favorites, printable planners.

I’ve always loved design and have been teaching myself little by little. Knowing that people find what I make useful and makes their life better even if just a little bit is an AMAZING feeling! 😊

How To Frame Your Printables

If you’re at a loss at how to frame your printables, here are some ideas on how you can get a bit creative with it!

Visit Your Local Second Hand Store For Cheap Frames

This is exactly what I did when I decided I wanted to build a wall gallery above my bed. It ended up looking A LOT better than I expected. I went to the local Goodwill and found about 6 frames that went perfectly together.

They ended up matching in a miss matched way. Do you know what I mean? And the best part is they ended up costing me just a few cents each. Easy as pie and I didn’t burn a hole in my wallet creating a modern and pretty wall gallery that I could fill with my favorite printables.

Try it!

Use Washi Tape

A washi tape frame is another great way to frame your printables if you want to go the more creative route. Simply print out your favorite wall art prints, stick them up against the wall, and use the washi tape to create a frame around it while taping it up at the same time. You can make the washi tape frame as thin or as thick as you like.

Or you can mix and match different thicknesses and colors!

Make A Rustic DIY Frame With Twigs

This one can be a great little DIY project if you want to go the extra mile and create a rustic frame out of twigs you can find outside. If you live in the city it can be as easy as picking some up at your local park. A twig frame can be pretty cute to make. Hmmm…now I’m wondering if if I should make a post on that too? 🤔

Just Hang It By Itself!

And last but not least, you can go bare bones and just hang your favorite printables as they come with a few pieces of tape in the back. This can work great if you’re trying to create a printable wall collage.

Where You Can Find More Free Printables

I’ve currently designed a 22 page home planner printable that a TON of people are really liking. It’s filled with bright colors and has a section for almost everything in your life so you can work towards getting organized (and never forget a darned password again, which happened to me all the time!)

NOTE: If you decide to join the email list and get your free planner, I regularly shower my readers with tons of free stuff. So you’ll always be sure to get beautiful printables and planners in your inbox. 😊

Make sure you download your printable below!

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