DIY Mini Bullet Journal Notebook

If you’re a creative like me and you like to stay organized, get crafty, or write down all your dreams and ideas then a notebook is a must have wherever you go.

Thankfully you don’t have to resort to what you find at the store, you can make your own notebooks with your own flair AND your own preferred type of paper (as in dot grid paper).

I LOVE using dot grid paper to write and plan on and it can be useful in smaller versions that you can take with your everywhere whenever an idea arises!

DIY mini bullet journal notebooks

DIY Notebooks with bullet journal paper | DIY Bullet Journals

At this point it pretty much goes without saying that I LOVE creating printables of all kinds. Whether that’s labels for sugar scrubs, printable templates, coloring pages, or printable covers (like the ones for these notebooks).

I think it’s pretty darn cool I can design something and put it out into the world where they can print it in their own home in an instant.

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When you create these notebooks, you don’t have to use the same covers I created. You can definitely design your own and create your own version.

I think what makes these notebooks a bit special is the paperclip idea that keeps your pages together.

The uneven yet useful way you can wrap your paperclips around your page for an interesting look!

DIY notebook supplies

DIY Notebooks with bullet journal paper | DIY Bullet Journals

[ingredients title=”What you’ll need:”]
  • Metal paperclips
  • Bullet journal dot grid paper (you can download it for free here)
  • Notebook cover designs (you can download them for free below)
  • Cardstock
  • Printer paper
  • Crafting pliers
  • Scissors
  • Handheld hole puncher

To make these mini bullet journal notebooks you’ll need to download the cover designs, which you can download for free below. It was super fun to make each of them, and I think my favorite one is the one with the lined polka dots. 


How to make your bullet journal notebooks

DIY Notebooks with bullet journal paper | DIY Bullet Journals

[directions title=”Directions to make one bullet journal notebook”]
  1. Print out 5 bullet journal pages and fold them in half
  2. Print out your bullet journal cover paper on cardstock and fold that in half too
  3. Cut all sheets along the folded lines and line them up evenly (if you’re cutting the pages with scissors, it helps to cut them individually for a more even cut)
  4. Hole punch your cover pages first, three holes evenly spaced. You can either eye the location of the holes or measure them out so they’re spaced evenly.
  5. Once your cover sheets are hole punched, then you can use them as guides to hole punch the rest of your bullet journal pages evenly
  6. Then use your crafting pliers to straighten out your paperclips. You’ll need three for one notebook
  7. Use them to curl them into and around each hole punched until it forms a ring. It might be a bit finnicky at first but don’t be afraid to use your pliers to shape the paperclips to your liking
  8. Then you should be able to flips your pages freely while still keeping them together. The paperclips act like binder rings!
  9. Yayy! You’ve got yourself a simple yet cute DIY notebook!

DIY Notebooks with bullet journal paper | DIY Bullet Journals

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