Honey Sugar Scrub

Honey sugar scrub homemade recipeIf there’s one thing you need, it’s a honey sugar scrub in your life!

Especially if it’s winter and your skin is feeling like it. A little bit of exfoliation here with a little bit of moisturizer there and your skin will feel renewed.

I feel like lots of us tend to forget how a simple homemade treatment can mark a real difference in our skin if we take a few minutes to put it together. If you’ve hung out on the blog a bit, you know I’ve made a crazy amount of sugar scrub recipes that I’ve shared with you, along with the printable labels.

Sugar scrubs are just so darn easy to make, it costs a lot less to make them at home than getting them at the store, and you can make them natural remedies for your liking.

They make great:

  • DIY gift ideas
  • Face scrubs
  • Lip scrubs
  • Body scrubs
  • And even effective foot scrubs

Honey sugar scrub recipe

When I made this sugar scrub, I wanted to keep it simple and only made it with two ingredients: sugar and honey.

You can always get a little fancier and add a bit of lemon juice, essential oils, or a even a bit of Vitamin E oil (it’s great for your skin!).

Think of this sugar scrub recipe as a ‘base’ recipe. Once you get the consistency to where you want it (this might take some experimenting) then you can start adding all kinds of ingredients, namely strawberries, lemons, turmeric, cucumber, really the list goes on and on!

You can keep most of your sugar scrubs in the fridge for up to a month. After that I would look into creating a new batch and using a fresh mix. I feel like I always say this but I love the smell when you mix honey and sugar together.

it smells sweet and a bit waxy (if you don’t like the wax in the honey you can also make your sugar scrub with organic coconut oil).

Free printable honey sugar scrub labels

This sugar scrub recipe couldn’t be complete without a set of sugar scrub labels you can print out and use for your own mix (especially if you’re giving it away as a DIY gift).

Honey sugar scrub free printable labels


Honey sugar scrub homemade recipe

Honey sugar scrub

A honey sugar scrub is a simple and to the point skin exfoliant that's effective and easy to make. Here's how!
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1 small mason jar


  • 1 Cup White sugar
  • 2 Tbsp. Your favorite honey
  • 3-6 Drops Vitamin E oil (optional)
  • 1 Tsp. Pure lemon juice (optional)


  • Mix the two ingredients together until well blended.
  • Spoon into clean mason jar container and keep refrigerated for up to a month.

Honey sugar scrub homemade recipe

More homemade sugar scrub ideas

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